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The most powerful and fascinating emerging film industry of the world is no doubt “Bollywood”. With its great impact not only in India or south Asian countries it is remarkably making its way in the globe with the fan following and acceptance. In this article we are going to tell you all about the details you must have to know about this great industry. Reading this article will eliminate all of your doubts and questions related to this film industry. Indian film industry formally is not only comprising on just Bollywood but it also includes Tamil movies and telgu movie industry but the fame that Bollywood movies have gotten in the world film industry is no doubt remarkable. At first we would like to clear that there are two main industries that are popular in the world for making movies.

1: Bollywood 2: Hollywood Some people think that these are same but it is not true both industries are entirely different from each other’s. Bollywood is Indian industry whereas the Hollywood is American industry that are producing massive blockbuster films in their own kind. Here we will discuss all about the Bollywood film and if you want to know the details about the Hollywood movies you have to check out our article on Hollywood movies. In Bollywood film industry it is a very interesting fact that 95% of the industry workers either actors or actress, producers or writers, cameraman or other working staff are Indian. It shows the real hidden talent and the craze of movie making in the Indian nation. They serve their talents for their country and for the fame of film industry. According to a recent survey we came to know about the real fact of this talent is that the dance, movies and songs are in their culture and even in their religion. Where it is necessary for them to educate their children with modern technologies and trends. They also consider it compulsory to educate their nation for dancing and creative entertainment items.
Almost every 3rd child is a proper dancer in Indian community. They worship this talent and for this reason they are representing the leading film making industry of the world. Moreover, they are encouraging their youth for emerging these skills. They have proper dancing and singing tuition centers and academies. Also they conduct massive competitions that are making their youth generation to generate new talents in them and take up the industry up to the next level in future. Bollywood is a diversified industry which is not bounded with only 1 type of film making but it is having the different taste of horror movies, funny or comedy films as well as suspense or romantic film genre. Most of these movies are in Hindi or in Urdu. So that is easily be understand by the people of south Asia which is the most potential area for Bollywood in terms of viewers. Bollywood is also very famous for its features in film making. It has approximately more than 1900 features in the films which is really very impressive. Dominating the Hollywood industry in many aspects Bollywood is being considered as the king of cinema industry since 2017 to till the date. One of another trait of this film industry of India is “masala film”. This specific genre or type of movies blows the graphs of Indian cinema industry to the highest of success. The masala movies are a mixtures of movies that includes comedy, romance, suspense, horror as well as action. This type of movies was liked all over the Bollywood fan and it also increased the revenue of the industry by 10x unlike any other genre movies of the Bollywood. Generally, masala film lies under the genre of musical film in the industry. It is a fact that Bollywood is also known for its music and hit songs. Almost every movie has at least 2 to 3 songs in the story. This feature is less likely to be found in the Hollywood movies. Some of the movies just get hit because of its popular songs. The fan following and revenue generation increased experimentally many times with launching the songs before releasing the movie to the cinema.

History of Bollywood movies

Here you will get a glimpse of the history of shining industry and later we will explain all in detail for your assistance. Basically this industry originated from the Bombay city and hence often known as Bombay cinema. Normally people refers it to the movies industry of India hence it is also said to be as Indian cinema. Bollywood covers approximately 45% of total revenue that is earned by all producing films in the country of Hindustan. The beauty of Bollywood is that it is the only most producing films industry overall in the world. The average movies produced by this industry is more than 200 per year. Even in the year of 2017 the total movies produced by Indian cinema was up to 360. This is really an amazing and astonishing figures for movie production. This depicts the rational approach of the followers and demands of Bollywood movies in the world. The word Bollywood was originated in 1970’s “according to oxford dictionary” when the Hollywood film industry was dominated by Indian film industry. This credit goes to the journalists of that time. With the help of publications and print media Bollywood word become associated with the south Asian film making industry of India which was originated from Bombay (now Mumbai). There is another very interesting fact about this industry that it does not physically exist in any place with the name of Bollywood unlike the physical existence of Hollywood that was originated from California.

Starting period of Bollywood industry (1913-1940)

In the start of 1897, a stage show was presented by “Professor Stevenson” in the theater of Calcutta. After that “Hiralal Sen” a photographer of that time presented the series of photos of that show. Later on the wrestling shows and other live matches are started to be shown to the audience. The first film that was released by Indian industry was in 1913. In the mid of 1930 this industry was so developed rapidly that it was producing approx. 200 movies by that time. The first movie that was released with sound was in 1931 by the name of “Alam Ara”. Later Bollywood adopted the music and sound in their films due to the high demand and likeness from the viewers. The decade of 1930 to 1940 was very crucial for the film industry because of the war of independence however still the first color movie was released in 1937 by the name of “Kisan kanya” this revolutionized the Bollywood industry but the popularity of colored film was hit after late 1950’s. Before the patrician of Hindustan, there exist the same film industry in which all the talented personalities work together. But after the patrician of Hindustan into India and Pakistan the film industry was also divided. The Indian industry was named as Bollywood and Pakistani industry was named as “Lollywood”. Most of the great artists migrated to the Bollywood industry that is why it gained a boom in its production. From onwards the golden period of the Indian cinema starts.

The best & golden period of Bollywood(1940’s-1960’s)

This is the time period which is still remembered by the Bollywood’s artists as the golden period which had laid the ground of its prominence all over the world. Bollywood released back to back many hit and dramatic films accompanied with the thrill of romance and music. Most of the films were nominated in many international awards and some of them also won the prices. These films not only depicted the culture of India but also plotted the fame and love for its culture in the hearts of its fans. This decade was laid by the great artists who worked with heart to lift up the future of films in their country. Some of those legends were Nargis, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna & Guru Dutt.

The Romantic Era of Bollywood(1960’s-1980’s)

In this era the Bollywood movies transformed their mode to romantic movies Because of the romantic and energetic actors and artists. This transformation was the demand of industry as the other competitor movie industries are gaining a lot of attraction from the theater for these romantic acts. Here the drama begins and back to back brilliant movies were released which were high revenue generating as well as they also touched the height of fame in the Urdu and Hindi speaking movies. In those films the tops of the names were Zanjeer & Dewaar. In the era of 1970’s the name Bollywood was in actually officially coined when the convention of Indian films was defined. The credit here goes to masala films which were the back support behind this. The masala was a mixture of different genre of movies that exist at that time. It was the blend of mixture with action, comedy, crime, suspense and thriller movies’ themes. This concept of masala movies was generated and presented by “Muhammad Nasir Hussain Khan” who was a great film producer, writer and director of that time. He was the one who led the foundation of this format of films and changed the history of Indian movies for the future. Hussain was the trend setter of Hindi cinema. Amitabh Bachan was the actor that was arose in the format of masala films. The first film that was released in the genre of masala movies was directed by Nasir Hussain and was directed by Salim Javed. It was the Bollywood-blockbuster film named as “yadon ki barat”. This movie was the hit blockbuster in the Bollywood screen and let the foundation of new trend set for the future of Bollywood film industry. Salim Javed produced many masala films and Amitabh Bachan was the shining and popular star of those films. The fame that this actor Amitabh get from these back to back successful films created a great impact of him in the industry. In the mid of 1980 Indian film industry was producing annually 761 movies. This was the great success of Bollywood over the Hollywood. India was declared to the largest film producing country in the world. This achievement opened many doors of fabulous artists and massive investors from all over the world. The Bollywood get another boom within the next couple of years & the annual generated revenue from the Bollywood film was 700 crores. In 1986 industry was producing annual 863 films which was a world record and had never been broken since then. It was assumed that the economy of India greatly started to be dependent on the Bollywood industry. The great actress of that time were hema malini, Rakhee, Shabana Azmi, Zeenat Aman, Jaya Bachan (wife of Amitabh bachan) Smita patil, Perveen Bibi, Dimple Kapadia. These were those female legends that greatly impact the Bollywood future and trended it to the Indian theater.

Bollywood Now- From 1980’s to Present

During the start of this decade of 1980’s. The Indian cinema was at the peak of success. It was looking forward for more opportunities to expand the industries revenue and fame in the whole world. The investors and artists were planning a lot for giving the required boost to the market. But unfortunately, due to video piracy and violence in the Bollywood market. They have to face a great decline in the industry. It was a great loss due to which the Indian theater started to be empty. But luckily a turning point came about late 1988 with a great movie “Qyamat sy Qyamat tak”. This movie again boosted the nearly dead industry of Indian films. The theater again was full and energetic with the demand of such masala film genre. The film Qyamat sy Qyamat tak was a complete blend of romance, Emotion and was perfect movie to sit and watch with your family. This gave a positive impact towards the growth of industry after the downfall. The film was produced by the great artist Muhammad Nasir Khan, along with his son Mansoor Khan who directed the entire film. Nasir khan production again aided the industry of Indian movies cinema. QSQT film was leaded by the cousin of Mansoor Khan, named “Amir Khan” who was the star actor of 2000’s decade. The leading actress was “Juhi Chawla” who was known for her best and marvelous acting skills. Both leading actors had stemmed the career of the industry again with their dedication and passion. Giving the life to industry after serious downfall the industry moved towards romantic musical films with a theme of emotions and action. This theme last for the decade of 1990’s giving tremendous movies which were all block-busters. These films filled the empty pockets of industry by giving maximum revenue. These films include “Ham Apky Hein Kon”, Dilwaly Dulhaniya Ly Jaen Gy”, Main Ny piyar Kiya”, “Raja Hindustani”, “Dil Tu Pagal Hy”, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hy”. The new generation was leading these movies who perfectly played their roles in acting and promoting the films. Many famous faces came out in this decade including the Three Khans, who had successful career in many decades earning a lot of fame not only in India but in the world wide area. It is quite interesting fact that the “Khan Family” always kept dominating the industry of Indian film since start. Providing the support and trending it towards new templates of film making all was done by the Khan family. Sharukh Khan also known as King Khan was the greatest and most famous actor of Indian film industry. We will discuss all about the career and hidden secrets of the fame of King Khan in industry. Similarly, “Amir khan” was the famous actor in the decade of 2000’s giving many hit films. He was the most successful actor in the industry. “Salman Khan” the action and romantic hero griped a big fan following of him during the early period of time. This era provided the chance to the industry to represent Indian culture in the whole world. The released films in this era depicted the different views about the culture of India. The community was promoted with the help of the Indian film and drama industry. Different films were made on the social issues, the graphical issues and the prosperity and trends that many cities of India were going through. The main leading and popular artists and actors were Govinda in comedy films, Akshy Kumar in Action films. Also Ajay Devgn for his emotional and romantic films. After 2000’s there was a clear fame and adoption of Bollywood and Indian culture around the world. Many desi communities were liked and adopted by foreigner. The entertainment and music was at its height. In the same era industry got very advanced in its casting, tools, cameras, and screenwriting and also got many advancements in the technical support for film production. This was a great tool in hand for paving the path of films in future. Many modern genre film were produced by Yash Raj Film., and dharma productions. Some popular films of the decade were Kal ho na ho, kbhi khushi kbhi gham, Kho na piyar hy, Veer Zara, Dhoom, Karsih, Lage Raho, Munna Bhai, jab we met.

Why is Bollywood so popular?

This is a very interesting question that everyone wants to know that what is the special thing or trait of the Bollywood industry? What is the real hidden spice it adds to the industry that it is loved and demanded all over the world? had we have already informed you that Bollywood is assumed to be the Indian film industry? but in actual it is not true. This is merely a myth; the actual thing is that Bollywood is just a larger part of Indian film industry it does not comprises on the whole of the Indian cinema. Well here you will get to know that why Bollywood is so much acceptable and famous in the world when there are many other film industries to compete it. The main reason is that Bollywood industry is very variant. It has almost all types of floors that capture the audience of their own taste. I don’t think there remains any genre of films making that are not produced in this industry. If you have any taste or you like any kind of movies e.g. fiction based movies, Action movies, Crime movies, you don’t need to get worry, Indian cinema will entertain you with its best. Moreover, with the glamorous acting casts in males and females Bollywood always attract others. The cast have its own great fan following that numbers in millions. Bollywood is always in the search of those faces that are best in glamorous and are liked and demanded from the people around the world. It is a real fact that the Asian countries are rich in beauty. This adds to the spice in Bollywood fame. Bollywood film industry is very versatile in music and romance. The demand of music from Bollywood fans can never be filled even releasing the hundreds of songs from the industry. There is a very sharp trick that is played by Bollywood cinema, its songs are always related and attached to its movies. There is no movie that don’t have songs. Similar there will merely some songs that are not associated with any movie. The fabulous writers write the songs on the theme of movies telling the stories and conveying the emotions by itself. The Bollywood have bunch of talented voices that fascinates the listeners all around the world. Also when these lysis o songs are sync. With the lisping of beautiful faces and famous actors of film industry, I don’t think that there remains anything left that is missing by this industry. The mode of marketing and trailering is also fantastic. The songs are first released to become famous in the market. This is such an amazing thing that is done through social media, the songs before the time of film release got millions of reviews. This adds the plus point to the viewers that they are urged to watch the movie at least once. The thrill and the sequence of each song is so beautifully manipulated that every listener deeply engulfed in the lyrics of the song. Similarly, approximately all the movies have a tag dialogue which is either funny or sounds so good that the fan followers adopt calling that specific dialogue again and again. By this the movie is remembered and lasts for many years. This is no doubt a great tactic to get fame of the movie and to let it remembered with a great tag sentence. One more edge that this Indian Bollywood industry have over all the existing film producing industries is that the Asian people are scattered in all over the world. This is no doubt an accepted fact. They have developed their own community and started their lives in many other countries other than Asian countries. Because of the mother language of hind and Urdu which are spoken in almost every country due to existence of the local people there. They also like and love to watch these Indian movies which remember them about their own culture and keep them in touch with their social and ancestor’s community. People from the world other than Asia are also curious to taste these movies at least once because of the fame of them in their areas by Asian locals. The plus point they got that most of the movies are released in English dubbing or English subtitles which makes them easy to understand and enjoy the actual theme and story of the movies. The worldwide achievements of Bollywood make it clear for all that this industry is definitely leaving its foot prints in the heart and mind of the viewers. In the whole world Bollywood is known as the other name of Entertainment. This is a super duper package of all kind of entertainment. The item song, the disco dances, the great innovative dance steps that are introduced to the world by Indian dancer, The biographies in the form of visual documentaries, The reality based film making excepts the animated one keeps the love for Indian culture alive all the time. In thousands of Bollywood movies, it never fails to provide such things to the audience. Really this is a very huge segment that needs professional and passionate artists with multiple talent. It is just because the skills of the Bollywood artistic jewels that are running the industry with amazing tactics and love.

Which countries watch Bollywood movies?

Do you think that Bollywood movies are only vied in the south Asian areas? If yes, then you are wrong. Bollywood films are worldwide famous. They are demanded and seen by many people all over the world. There is no discrimination of color, religion, or political differences. Even the worst enemy’s countries of the Indian country are also the fans of the production of Bollywood film. For Indians Bollywood matters a lot. It is the source of their main revenue, it is the source of expressing and presenting their culture to thaw whole world. It provides them means to deliver their emotions and point of view to the globe. The word movie industry is a very small word for the Indians for Bollywood. They are super crazy about this industry. But if you are thinking that the Indians are the only one that love this film industry then you are completely wrong. There are many main countries whose nation is crazy about the Indian cinema. Let me explain those our gathered stats about those countries and we know that you will be surprised to know likewise us when we were collecting the real and actual facts. There are Top Nine (9) Countries That have abundant fan followers for Indian films.

1: China

Do you believe this? I am still confused but this is a fact. Although this country has its own language which is completely different from Hindi or Urdu language but still Bollywood exist there. Chinese are very introvert they have their own search engine This fact was revealed when we came to know that the film “Dangle” which was started by great Actor “Amir Khan” did the business of more than 2000 Crores only in china country. Similarly, there was a great craze found just like our country for the movie “Bahuballi. This is an interesting thing to know that the Chinese are dubbing these movies in their own language by themselves. This shows the demand of Indian movies in the country of china.

2: Pakistan

AS we have already mentioned you about the relation of Hindustan and Pakistan in the early history of Indian film making market. Both countries started the same before the separation of sub-continent. There was no concept of Pakistan & India both were considered as Hindustan in brasgheer. Both nations were living and working together in every field without the fear and thinking of separation. Similarly, the same happened with film industry when it was started. The great artists of both countries contributed towards the film industry of India currently known as Bollywood. Later after the separation Pakistani film industry was named as “Lollywood. But the love and affection of both countries as same as before. I would like to call the relation of film industry and artists of both countries as brotherhood. Still They loved to work together with one another. It would be better to say that the friendship of both rival countries happens only in this industry without any competition and dislikeness. The industry of films from both countries have developed a great harmony with each other. The artists of both Bollywood and Lollywood are free to work anywhere they want. Pakistani artists are warmly welcomed in the Indian cinema screen. Recently many films were produced in which the leading role was played by the hero of one country and heroine of other country. From here you can measure that the craze and the love for Bollywood movies is same as you can expect in India. The movies of Indian film industry are in great demand in the Pakistani country. There are lot of fan for the Indian actors and actress. The passion for following the styles and copying the dialogues in the common life are same as we found in India. You can say Pakistan is the 2nd Asian home for the Bollywood acting market.

3: Poland

Poland is one of the country that is greatly influent by the Indian films. From the last decade there is a great change of the culture in Poland residents. They have started to follow the Indian culture and adopted festivals of Hindustani trend. They are the big fan of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. All movies of Salman khan are sold at high prices in the cities of Poland. Moreover, there seems a great trend of Indian music in the streets of Poland. People started to dress up them self’s according to the dressing trend adopted by their super actors in the movies. The craze for the Bollywood films are continuously increasing in those areas. Action Comedy Movies were in great demand in the year of 2019 and 2020.

4: Egypt

The great country known for its ancient monuments like pyramids and sphinx etc. This country is a linking bridge between northeast of subcontinent of Africa and southwest corner of Asian continent. It is a great blend of the traditions and culture of both continental residential. From the source of Asia, they have brought a great influence of Bollywood trend. This country was so much insane for watching Indian Bollywood movies online that its government had to ban the Bollywood movies from the theater and cinema of Egypt. Just to promote the local movies of their own film industry. But due to the love and passion of Indian movies they were compelled to withdraw their ban from the Bollywood movies so that their nation can get entertain from the movies of their own choice. This act proves the real love of the people of Egypt about watching the movies of Bollywood.

5: Afghanistan

Another Asian country that is victim to the grace of Bollywood masala movies. Afghanistan is the neighbor country of Pakistan as well as of India. Not only Bollywood there also exist the fans of Pakistani actors for film and dramas. Well no doubt the noted value of Bollywood fans in Afghanistan is unbeatable. This is a Muslim country but still we can experience a great love and passion for the music and films of India. This is the actual beauty of Indian masala movies that merely a portion of world would neither like or watch it. Otherwise it is very popular and almost the ingredient of every house entertainment. The Three Khans are very popular in this country. The main reason is that this country’s maximum nation belongs to the cast of khan. Almost all the movies of the khan family have done a great business in the local territory of Afghanistan. However, the ever shining Salman Khan is the most favorite personality in this country.

6: Taiwan

The republic country of china “Taiwan” is located in East Asia neighboring japan and Philippines. Like china we can expect a great passion and love for Bollywood cinema films. These people are great fan of Mr. Perfectionist “Amir Khan” . All of the movies including 3 idiots, Dangle were super bloack-bustered in the street cinema of Taiwan.

7: Peru

If I say that all the crazy magic of Bollywood is spread in this country is by only one person, would you believe? Absolutely not, but it is the real fact. That gigantic personality is the favorite and all-time hit actor of Indian screen. Yes, I am talking about the king of block-buster Indian film “The King Khan”. These people are literally crazy for this man. I don’t know why but they only like one Bollywood hero in their screen and that is Sharukh Khan which is the most famous and successful hero in the history of Bollywood. Later in this article we will have a detailed debate for this fantastic and marvelous actor.

8: Germany

One of the most powerful economic country in the world is Germany. It is a very interested and must visited country for tourism purpose. Germany had developed a great economic market with its influence all over the world. Although the most of the area of Germany is covered by the thick forest. There is something more interesting I would like to share with you guys. I know this would be apart from the article topic, may be you will wonder about that why I am mentioning these things. Believe me when you will know about these facts you will like it very much. Germany is a country where the university is free for education. Everyone from anywhere can join and get the education. This is a very positive and great thing. This is the country in which 60% of the highways don’t have any speed limit. Yes, this is a great country for speed lovers. Having more than 2000 castles this country is a remarkable place for historical places. Well do you know that this highly dense country in term of population is also very saturated love for the Bollywood industry. Sharukh khan is the man for spraying the shower of love and addiction of Indian movies. They are also the fan of the films of Lollywood movie industry.

9: Nigeria

Nigerian people are the fan of old Indian movies. Go back to 80’s and 90’s film industry of Bollywood. Nigerian nation still need that kind of stuff. Would you believe that those movies are still generating a huge revenue in this country? They are no the fan of new current modernized movies. Their own industry is also not adopting the new trends of movies. Those people are convenient with the old stuff of family movies based of romance and music with storytelling theme.

Interesting Facts about Bollywood you would like to Know

Bollywood is a so diverse and immense field of movies. This industry has very amazing, funny, sad and hidden or revealed facts which is very difficult that are known by you. Let’s discuss all of these hidden facts of Bollywood. Some of the facts will definitely wonder up your mind. 1: The famous Bollywood actress in 1970’s “Waheeda Rahman had acted both the roles of mother and lover of Bollywood king in 1980’s Amitabh Bachchan. In 1976 the movie “Adalat” she was playing the act of lover role with Amitabh and in 1978 as the mother in “Trishul”. This is very interested thing that within a short period of 2 years the both roles are very different. What was she thought when acting like the mother of the same hero with which she was playing a lead role of heroine just two years ago. 2: “Amir Khan” blockbuster film was the only one film which has hired the maximum number of British artists to cast in the same movie. This happens only in the “movie Lagaan”. There are many films that in which we can see the English Actors working with the Asian Indian actors. But this never happened that any film cast so many British actors in the same movie unlike “Lagaan”. This movie had a theme in which Indians were being ruled by the British empire back in the history of 1800” s. Depicting the cruelty and injustice that the Indians had to suffer before the independence of their country. 3: The famous actor of old age Bollywood “Sunil Dutt” who later married to the great actress Nargis. Their first meeting was very interesting. Nargis had encountered with Dutt in an interview when he was a Dj. They had to cancel the interview because Sunil Dutt cannot interviewed even with a single word in front of Nargis. Later they got in love with each other after working together in “Mother India”. What a great story they had. With successful happily married life. We have seen very few couples like this who can find their life partner in the Indian cinema industry. Basically this industry related all the artists so closely together that they often fall in love with each other. Falling in love with each other is a common practice but transforming the complete journey with successful marriage is really a great thing to know. 4: “Kareena Kapoor” one of the greatest shining star from the Kapoor family wore more than 135 designer dresses in a single movie “Heroine”. This was never happened in the history yet. What a great source of filling your wardrobe with most expensive designer’s dresses. All you have to do is to become an actress. It is a very common thing that different designers get themselves sponsored by giving their dresses to the top models and actress in the industry. But having so much dresses in just a single movie never happened in the industry before. 5: In the film “Dilwaly Dulhaniya Le jaengy” the actual cast that was supposed for the leading role was “Saif Ali Khan” instead of “Sharukh Khan”. And you will not believe that Tom Cruise was considered for the role of Raj Malhotra. This was the actual considered cast which is a little hard to believe but it is true you can double cross the gossips about this movie. Due to some reasons it cannot be happened. But image that what was the fame and acceptance of the movie when it was casted with tom cruise? Although Sharukh Khan the king of Bollywood was a good alternate in the case of Saif khan. 6: One of the favorite hit movie of the son of Kapoor’s family Ranbir Kapoor i.e. Roackstar was shoted in reverse. Which means that the last scenes of movie were casted first and the starting scenes of movie was shoted later because of the hair style of leading hero in the movie. This is a very difficult to handle such get up of the leading personalities. First they had to develop themselves according to the required getup. Specially for males. The hero had to develop himself in the role and sometime it takes months for becoming the real expected and required getup by the director of the movie. 7: This is a very interesting fact to know that the famous hero “Anil Kapoor” lived in Raj Kapoor’s garage with his whole family when he was shifted to Mumbai city. This shows the real face of this industry that how some of the great artists had to survive in their life’s before entering in the world of the great fantasy.

This is a real fact that Anil Kapoor belonged to a poor family who was surviving very hardly for their living. Then after the breakthrough he got in the industry by the source of Raj Kapoor he got famous. 8: “Mera Nam Joker” was the first movies in the Hindi theater that have 2 intervals in it. 9: In the marvelous Hindi language film “Sholay” the role of villain “Gabber Singh” was almost dropped by Amjad Khan. The reason was that his voice was too weak and was considered appropriate by the script writer “Javed Akhter”. “Kitny admi thy” the famous hit slogan of this movie which was adopted by many communities as funny comments and lyrics. The role of Gabber was not considered effective by Amjad khan but after releasing the movie in the Indian cinema screen this villain was the most appreciated one. The role of Gabber was hit in the audience and fans of Bollywood movies. 10: Mughal-e-Azam was a movie that was shoted in three languages. Tamil, Urdu & English. All of the scenes were shoted three time with these different languages. This movie was planned for releasing with three languages simultaneously. But the Tamil language version did flop due to which the English language version of Mughal e Azam movie was also stopped shooting. 11: For the first time it happens that two play back singers shared a single award which was never happened before in the history of Hindi language film industry. The song was “Choli key Peeche Kiya hy”. There is another thing that is interesting to share that this song was opposed by almost 30 political parties of Indian government. But still after the huge opposition this song made an industry hit and award winning song for the movie “Khalnayak” which was a great hit by itself. 12: Devika Rani was the only first lady actor who was having a bachelor’s degree in the whole film industry of that time. This was a great thing in those days. The trend comes from her that educated personalities started to join the Bollywood industry. 13: The longest song of Bollywood film making history is “Ab tmhary Hawaly Watan Sathiyo”. From the movie of same title. This song comprises in three parts in the movie. The total length of this song is 20 minutes. This is really a long song to hear from Bollywood side where the average length of a song is maximum. 5 to 6 minutes 14: The first Bollywood film that was added in Guinness book of world record 2002 addition was “Kaho Na Piyar Hy”. The reason for adding in this book was that this film got the highest numbers of award that is ever gained by any movie. This film was a total blend of success and popularity of Bollywood in the whole world. The movie got almost 90+ awards in total. This was a great achievement and the moment of pride for the Indian country. There are many reasons for that the Hindustani nation feel pride on their movies segment. “Kaho na piyar hy movies online” was also got a great number of viewers. The main cast of this movie was “Hrithik Roshan” & “Kareena Kapoor” . Both of them played a marvelous role in the acting which was greatly applauded by the global Bollywood lovers. 15: The great and impacting Bollywood hero Amir Khan also known as Mr. Perfectionist was the great grandson of a remarkable personality “Maulana Abdul Kalama Azad”. Who was a famous and revolutionary writer who was a great asset for the history of Hindustan? 16: Hrithik Roshan’s actual sur name is Naghrah not Roshan. He adopted this name in the film industry. It happens many time in the past and yet also many famous celebrities change their original name or sur name and adopt an easy to remember and captivate name to be called by the audience and followers. 17: Ashok Kumar was a great Bollywood actor who was just born for the plays of act. He was known as the guru of acting. His fan followers say that he was a born actor by birth. Bu the real fact is that before entering in the field of acting Ashok Kumar was a lab attendant. 18: Sanam Kapoor the film actress is the cousin of Ranvier Kapoor. 19: The actual name of Ranveer Singh is “Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. 20: The movie “Kargil” and “Mera nam hy Joker” are the longest movies that are ever made in the Indian cinema film. They both have the actual length of 4 hours 15 minutes. 21: In the dual casted film of Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh always played the role of elder brother like Dewaar, Do or Do panch, Namak Halal etc. There is only 1 film “Silsila” that was casted in 1981 in which Shashi Kapoor was the elder brother of Amitabh Bachchan. 22: Indian cinema overall sell round about 22 billion tickets on annual base. This is the largest figure in the whole world. But the revenue is not the largest one because the ticket price is amongst the lowest in the world. 23: The great actor and the King of Bollywood acting “Sharukh Khan” has the phobia of Horse riding. Whenever he rides SRK thinks that he will fell down. Almost every one of us have a phobia. This is not a disease this is common fear all of us can have. Let me explain what is phobia. This is the game of or mind. We have an imagination and we fell into that in the reality. We think that if we do such activity that will be the happened to us. For example: If I will jump in the water I will drown. This actually not happens but the fear exists in our mind.
24: Sonam Kapoor before entering in the field of acting in Bollywood world was a waitress in a restaurant in the Singapore. Can you imagine that how was she managing her expenses? 25: “Rekha” one of the most known and popular actress of the Bollywood always apply crimson or chocolate color lipstick, whenever she made herself on public. This is a common thing for you. But in the “world of Bollywood” film industry of India, everything matters a lot. You are the one who is followed by thousands of people round the world. You become the influencer and you start controlling that how the trends should be shown. 26: The famous actor who is known and loved by his dancing “Hrithik Roshan”, made his first debut in acting field at the age of just 6 years. The movie name was “Asha” and he played as an extra role in the dancing sequence of that movie. 27: The weakest school subject of King Khan/em> was Hindi. He was unaware of the fact in his childhood that he was the one who will rule the Hindi film industry with his acting skills. His mother advised him to watch a movies of Hindi if he want to increase his knowledge and interest in the Hindi language. 28: Karan and Farah gave a guest appearance in the “Bollywood movie Kal ho na ho”. But it was not noticed by the audience by any means. Was is humiliated for them? I don’t think so. What do you think kindly share? 29: Amir khan was very good player of tennis even he was the champion of nation level group 12 and 14. This is the information that is not known by majority of his followers about him. The beauty of this article is that we know how much you love your personalities and how much you want them in your real life. You follow them you love them. But do you think that you really know about your favorite personalities? Most of you really don’t. because you love them for their acting. You have seen them in their real life? Obviously not because you have seen them playing a role so how can they show their own in the cinema. 30: The top playback singer of Bollywood “Himesh Reshammiya” was the one who introduced the Bollywood screen to the famous actress Deepika in in his music video. This was the point when Deepika entered in the industry and from ten she didn’t look back. By her skills of acting and her beautiful attractive skin she soon started to act in the lead roles of the movies and let herself appear as a heroine of Indian Hindi language films. 31: Amitabh Bachchan has the ability to right with his both hands. He can write very well with right hand as well as with left hand. This is a great ability that is not very common in every person. 32: David Dawn refused to launch the Bollywood actor “Varun” in a home production. According to him varun was not appropriate for film acting and he was not convinced to give him a lead role. Later Karan Johar took steps and launched the Varun as a Bollywood actor in his own production. 33: Katrina Kaif is the only Bollywood actress who was modelled as Barbie doll. It was thought that she was a Barbie for the number of followers. After this she was titled as the “Barbie of Bollywood”. 34: Anupam kher played a role of 60-year-old man in a famous film “Saaransh” when he was of just 29 years old. He was a young actor but in spite of this he played really a marvelous role in the old man theme he was given. 35: The first Bollywood actress who appeared in the bikni dress for the first time in Indian screen was “Sharmila Tagore”. She had also posed in many magazines after that. From here the show begins with the glamour’s actress showing their body parts which was greatly influenced to the Bollywood cinema fans. The demand of show more arouses and then it became the trend for the Bollywood actress for wearing short and hot dresses in the screen to captivate even more and more audience. 36: The great star in the Bollywood who’s all films are must to watch. Whose statues are worshiped in many areas of India.
The Amitabh Bachchan is a really great personality. There is one thing we want to tell you about him. You have heard the praise of his acting and personality. Do you know he is a great man of words and a punctual person in his real life too? He is the only Bollywood actor who is very obedient of this given words and time. Weather is a personal meeting, either it is a shooting or press conference he is always on the given & decided time. Keep waiting for the others in the shooting platform. It is very popular for him that he comes on the shooting place even before the sweeping staff or the security members. I think this punctuality in his life is a big hand for his success. A man should be ideal even in home as well as in the field. We have heard a lot about the benefits of being punctual and the man of rules and regulation. We often seen great examples of success for the persons who have adopted these habits and applied these rule in their life personal as well as professional They are now at the verge of success and greatness in their relevant fields. Amitabh Bachchan is the one who keep applying and following his nature of punctuality and successes as emerging like a great person who is known by whole world approximately. From these successful persons we got the lesson to be consistent on our rules we have made we could achieve the height of success in our if. 37: Dimple Kapadia married to Rajeesh Khanna the film actor of Bollywood old era. At the time of marriage her age was only 16 years. It is very interesting fact that Raj Kapoor introduced her face in the Bollywood films and on the same year in 1963 she married to the famous and renowned actor of Indian Hindi movies. After her marriage she took a break for the upbringing of her children’s. Despite of her great fame in the early period of her career. She didn’t look back for her children and left the Bollywood films for some time. After her come back in the cinema screen she made some hit Bollywood movies. 38: The popular hot and sexy Katrina Kaif who is the heart beat of many Bollywood lovers and followers. She got her debut by miss Ayesha Shroof who was the wife of Jackie Shroof. In the press release Miss Ayesha explained that they have to launched her with an Indian identity because the people in the 2011 are more conservative as compared to now. 39: Katrina Kaif is in a great relation with the Bollywood Star actor “Salman khan’s” sister Alvira Khan. Both are closely attached with each other. 40: The music Director “Naushad” was introduced as a tailor to his bride at the time of wedding. This was done by his parents because in the age of 1940’s the Bollywood was considered as a poor profession by all. It is also quite interesting that the song which was played at her barat was also composed by “Naushad”. 41: one of the music director “Madan” was bribed merely by a dinner of behind with meat to sing one of his composed song in a movie “Dykh Kabir Roya”. Could you believe this? I was completely astonished that what was the worth of this highly in demand talent of the artist in the previous time. They didn’t realize that they were the jewel of industry. This depicts the simplicity and purity of those great artist that they do not bother the hiss of money and were completely loyal with soul for the prosperity of the film industry. It will not be a false statement if I say that the Indian film industry at its peak height today is just because that it was planted and rooted with pure hands of talent and sincerity. 42: Muhammad Rafi a big name of singing world. Who was respected ad accepted by many great singers of their time as their “stead” in the singing talent. Rafi was the great fan of the biggest boxing champion. He requested his management to arrange a meeting with the great name of boxing when Rafi was on tour to Chicago. When Mohammad Ali came to know about the wish of great singerMuhammad Rafi He himself came to his hotel and both splendid a great time with each other. This is how you get respect if you are a man of success in your niche. All the world also respects you when you are sincere with your work. Both of these personalities were at a great fame in those days. But the love and respect of both for each other was really a great example for their purity and grace. 43: “Joy Mukherjee “Learnt the dance step of a song of his film from a female club dancer working in Tokyo bar. The song was “Dunia pagal hy ya phir main dewana” and the movies was “Shagird” You can watch online Hindi movie Shagird by clicking this link. As previously I was telling you that the love with your work is very important for anyone to be successful in the life. This artist done the great thing. It doesn’t matter from who and how you learn the things. But keep learning from all and appreciate them is a great trait of a good learner. 44: Dharmendra’s Fee of his first movie in 1960 was just Indian rupees 51. He was the main leading role in the film. 45: “Dev Anand” was a story writer and a great producer and director as well. He often uses to take his title of films and story lines from the headlines of Hindi newspapers. He himself revealed this in front of media in an interview for the secret of his great success. 46: Hrithik Roshan once ordered 50 books on the title “Ways to stop Smoking” by an online website of books selling. He distributed those books after receiving to his friend and family members. This was a remarkable act from his side in the care of his loved once. This also shows that Hrithik Rosha hates smoking and also he promotes and encourage his fellow beings to avoid this bad habit. He wanted his affectionate to skip this injurious act. 47: Salman Khan the Bollywood great hero is a big fan of herbal and handmade soaps. He personally like to use the original soaps made with the extract of fruits and vegetables. This is confirmed by the collection of his bathroom where we found different kind of expensive soaps. Most of them were hand made an herbal. This is a great information for the Bollywood fan lovers of “Salman Khan”. If you like his body and you want to be the same as him. You should also have to adopt his habits and use the items he is using for his body care. 48: Despite of the biggest industry of film cinema India has fewer numbers of cinema screen as compared of Hollywood film cinema. The Hollywood cinema in us market has approximately more than 35000 cinema screens whereas the Bollywood have just 13000 screens of the viewers in their country. This is a big factor that is affecting in overall industry of Bollywood in terms of revenue generation. Although more people are tending towards the Bollywood cinema houses as compared to Hollywood cinema but the fact is that this industry is far behind the technology and equipment to use than the Hollywood have. If Bollywood industry develop itself with the latest and high technologies than it would be very easy for them to left far behind the Hollywood industry which is continue sly competing the Bollywood and is the biggest competitor, we have ever seen.

Bollywood Vs Lollywood

This will be an interesting comparison for both industries because both share similar origin, similar country before separation. They are common in many aspects. We can say that both of these industries are the different veins sharing same heartbeat. Having massive impact in Asian territory both industries are competing each other because of the border line of two great rivals yet departed brothers in “Barisghir Pak-o-Hind”. Let’s discuss in detail about these film industries keeping in view various aspects.


We have plainly fancied the complete history and secret of success of the King cinema industry of the world. Yes, obviously I am talking about the glamour of Bollywood that is banquet all over the world. Impacting and inducing billions and trillions of the onlookers in their daily life.


Lollywood is an Urdu and Punjabi movie industry in Pakistan, located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Since 1929, Lahore has been central to Pakistani cinema, producing films in both languages. Since 2007, however, Karachi has taken a big step towards Lahore in Urdu productions. The name “Lollywood” was introduced in the summer of 1989 in Glamor magazine as a compilation of “Lahore” and “Hollywood”, published in Karachi, by gossip writer Salem Nasir. Pakistani cinema has played a major role in Pakistani culture and in recent years it has begun to flourish again after years of decline, bringing entertainment to viewers in Pakistan and other countries abroad. Deep view of Bollywood VS Lollywood: Based on the world view of the two nations, the Asia fell was divided into two independent countries Pakistan and India in 1947. Despises the border line decided the fate of millions of humans, Britain quickly draw a line out in South Asia. According to historians, the separation revealed the identity and personality of the two nations known to the world. The latest example of this is in itself a reaction from the two countries against terrorists Pulwama. This conflict between India and Pakistan is not the day, there was from the variant. But to reduce this quarreling, actions taken? Given that the media properly ensure human mind and remember the famous campaign of ‘Aman Ki Asha ‘, launched in conjunction with the original lane two media – The Times of India Jang Group. The aim of the campaign is to spread peace and development of cultural relations between Pakistan and India. On the other side of celebrities from both countries work together to promote the purpose of the campaign. When talking about the movie, we saw an entirely different mindset. Initially, both the film industry, Lollywood and Bollywood broadcast the movie in matters of social or biopics but in time, the audience saw how things are going. History of Lollywood and Bollywood: After, the film industry Popular undergo a difficult time because of a shortage of money and equipment for sorting. Lollywood released its first film “Teri Yaad” in 1948 based on matter standard. When Lollywood was at early age after partition, the Bollywood film industry become established. Dadasaheb Phalke, known as the father of India Cinema, already working in the industry since 1913. Raja Harish Chandra his first film which is still known as the first film structure of India. The story of the disaster Lollywood in the 1970’s: Lollywood came to the edge of disaster when Bangladesh separated from Pakistan in 1971. Political directors were in charge of the entertainment industry; undermined by films Lollywood working under a strict policy governing Zia. The reduction in the growing display of love to give films Gandasa-culture chance of prosperity to the cinema. While Bollywood experiencing romantic and underworld dominated films like; Sholay, Zanjeer, Dewar, Kabhie Kabhie were few who had been holding the 1970s. Fresher Bollywood and Lollywood: The period from the 1990s to onwards is entitled as the new Bollywood time. The family-situated sentimental melodic movies, masala motion pictures, activity films were discharged. Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Dill De Chuke Sanam, Raja Hindustani were a couple of the motion pictures of B-town Khans individuals cherished. Among workmanship films, Bollywood saw huge spending motion pictures too on the screen. The Punjabi include film Chooriyan by Syed Noor, Ye Dil Apka Hoa by Javaid Shaikh were a couple of the motion pictures which made astounding business on the films during the 1980s to 1990s, in when Lollywood was nearly crumpled. In terms of content, which Lollywood and Bollywood stand now? It has been seen that in the previous not many years, Lollywood producers are making developing substance to draw in the crowd while most of the Bollywood motion pictures just has a sizzling thing number and private scene to snatch the crowd. Hooligans of Hindustan, Zero, Race 3 are a couple of instances of it. Pakistani movie producers, then again, are rejuvenating the film with extraordinary work. Bilal Lashari’s the Legends of Maula Jatt, Asim Abbasi’s Cake, Shazia Ali Khan’s Pinky Memsaab catch the eye of the global crowd. So, there is no uncertainty that producers of the two nations are gaining their own specific manner to ground and get globally perceived yet the distinction in their work can be seen by everybody. We should see when they would utilize this medium as a useful asset for reshaping psyches of masses emphatically. Who is the No 1 actor in Bollywood now? which is the No 1 movie in the India? who gave the name Bollywood? Who founded Bollywood? Where is Bollywood most popular? Are all Indian films Bollywood? Who is best Khan in Bollywood? Who is highest paid actress in India? Who is the richest woman in Bollywood? Who is the No 1 heroine in India? Who is the richest heroine in India? Who is the face of Indian cinema? Is Bollywood popular? Bollywood vs Hollywood Bollywood Vs Tollywood Bollywood Vs Lollywood Who is the most powerful actress in Bollywood? Who is the poorest actor in Bollywood? List of top Bollywood movies List of top Bollywood actors List of top Bollywood actress List of Bollywood producers List of Bollywood directors Future of Bollywood movies Types of Bollywood movies

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