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Movies need to be enough Entertaining. Movies has influence on our thoughts and imaginations. When there are movies relevant to any religion and there is the difference of two religious people then mess can be there.

Bollywood Movies is Indian Cinema. Where majority of the religion is Hindu and castes are Rajpoots. Rajputs are the most known royal caste of Hindus. There were many in the history of Hindustan who amazed public with their knowledge.

Padmaavati Full Movie is a movie in which there are two kings fighting for their dignity and prosperity. Both belongs to the family tree of the different religions. It has always been considered that every religious person hates the person of other religion.

Somehow there are few religions which does not allow its believers to degrade other religion believers.As far as cast of Padmaavati Movie Online is concerned. There are not that much famous superstars have been filmed in the movie.

They have specific presence in the industry. However, fact cannot be denied that they are already much famous. But actor like Shahid Kapoor who was having downfall in his filmy career had a great change through this movie.


Deepika Padukone already known for her historical looks and acting. She has played her role brilliantly in the movie. She was the only who did not shocked the viewers with her performance. As she was already upto it. She was always applauded for her acting skills.

In addition to this, she has given new charms to the industry by showing that it was not only Hemma Malini or Zennat Eman who had talent to disguise themselves. Girls of 21st centurt also have courage to be in any role and fulfill its requirements.

Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor both have given their best in this movie. They were not supposed to do such great job as they never had appeared in any biographic role before. It was unexpected from Ranveer Singh that he will plpay sultan’s role that much good.

His dancing skills being Sultan are also tremendous. Overall, if someone will ask me to rate Padmaavati Online Movie out of 5 points. Then I would love to rate this movie as 4.5 out of 5. There were no prominent errors. But editing and merging has always lacked in the movies.

It was considered till last year 2017 that Baahubali is the movie on which budget was the most spent. However, in this year after general release of Padmaavati all records have been broken.

Movie has got rating all over the globe. This movie was the most expensive creation of Bollywood Movies 2018.

What is the story of Padmaavati Full Movie Watch Online?

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Movierulz Fmovies

I have seen this movie many times since it has been released and I love to watch this movie because it has history. There is combination of love attraction, craziness, war,power and many more. There are two type of people who are the kings.

One is who wants to win in any condition. Second one is who do not wants to win the world as well as he is not ready to compromise his principals of life. This movie belongs to the genre of Epic Period Drama. Movie starts with the Dynasty of Muslims. When in Afghanistan one of the Sultan from the Khilji family was leading the Sultanate.

He was an ambitious person with a dream to overtake the whole world. He was the one who carried out the aim of his ancestors till his last breath. As all of the Khiljis wanted to lead the world.He then planned to overtake the throne of Dehli which was already known for its jewels and beauty.

All of the Muslim sultans were fond of natural beauty and they always wanted to own what they like. These Sultanates cannot be prolonged if there are no generations of the Sultans. It was the part of Sultans life that they never let their daughters to be wife of any other.

Therefore, Jalaludin(Sultan) was looking for a sincere person for his daughter. When he planned to takedown the Dehli Forts at the same time his nephew (Role played by Ranveer Singh) was also being judged by him.

As he was told to bring the hair of an Ostrich for his uncle but being more possessive and aggressive he took the whole Ostrich as a dish for him. Rather it was inspiring but Sultan was confused with his own intentions.

As Sultan was still confused to talk about the wedding of her daughter with his nephew. Therefore, he stayed silent. In the meanwhile, Allaudin Khilji(Lead Role) of Padmaavati Full Movie asked for his daughter’s hand for him.

This was no more shocking for both of them. Mehrunisa the Daughter of Sultan was enough elegant and captivating to let him get down to her beauty. There wedding was religiously arranged and they got married. As history knows that Muslim Sultans were not enough involved in their own releations.

They always admired beauty, Political Winning, Thrones, and Jewels. Therefore, Allaudin just got married to her and at his wedding night he was not there with his wife.Even though it was told by someone to his better-half that he was found having intimate moments with any other woman.

She was a brave lady she did not informed about this matter to his father and she remained silent but the informer got killed by Allaudin.Sultans had amazing life at that time. They never knew that what will be the next step they will take in their personal life

As they were much planned in their political life. Moreover, the other two main characters of the Padmaavati Movie Online appeared when Ratan Singh(Shahid Kapoor) being king of Chittor went to Sinhala to bring ancient gift for his wife.

He met the Sinhala princess over there. It was not a planned meeting but they met each other accidently. However, this accident took place through an accident which took place when Deepika Padukone being princess hunting deer.

She accidently hurt Shahid Kapoor. She was innocent and Raja Ratan Singh also noticed that so he ignord her mistake. Raja Ratan Singh was injured and she being princess considered it her duty to take his guest to the safest place and provide him first-aid.

Raja went to her home and then he told her that he belongs to Chittour and he is here to find the beautiful pearls for her lovely wife. He was not able to move back due to injury so he stayed at princess home for few hours.

They spent time together but within no moment both fell in love for each other. It was not bothered at that time from the girls point of view that the man is already married or not. Even he was ruler of a kingdom so it was common for their tradition to have more than one wife.

Raja Ratan Singh was a wise man and he always took precise and strategic steps. However this time he asked for the hand of princess from her father.She was already agreed and her father gave permission.

In this way, they both got married and Raja took her to his kingdom being her 2nd wife. She was so elegant and much more beautiful then his previous wife therefore public admired her.Politically Sultan of Afghanistan was got succeed to take down the Dehli Sultanate and he declared himself to be the Sultan of Hindustan.

On the same time, things got weird and Sultan sent his nephew to stop the Invasion of Mongols. Mongols were trying to invade the Afghanistan’s Sultanate. Allaudin was a proficient fighter. He never thought about the aftermaths of his steps.

Therefore, after beating Mongol brothers he tried to raid the other Kingdom where Sultan’s wife and Nephew were rulling. Sultan was informed of his intentions. He was not worried as he knew that it was Khilji’s blood and they take unexpected steps in their lives.

He planned to meet Allaudin and discuss things in a political way. Allaudin was trained of bad politics and he never took care of rules in his life. Therefore, he attacked his uncle and his ministers there and killed all of them.

In this way there was no one left to rule the state. So, he declared himself as the new Sultan of the world. On the other side of the state, Padmaavati is having beautiful life with Raja Ratan Singh. They both were having intimate moments and it was not allowed to any of their slaves or the care takers to breach the limit.

As their priest did so. Raghav Chettan was the person who did it and he was thrown out of the kingdom for this vulgar act. Raghav was not an educated and trained priest. He was having political mind and he to retaliate took decision to go to Allaudin.

It was already known to the world that new Sultan of Delhi Allaudin was fond of beauty. Padmaavati’s beauty cannot be repudiated. He narrated the beauty of the princess and the wife of Raja of Chittor.

He got the idea of her beauty and he wanted to watch her in front of her. He invited Rajputs to be his guests. Raja Ratan Singh was a young and intelligent person. He noticed that in his invitation letter it was clearly written that he wants to meet his wife.

Ultimately, being respected person he was not ready compromise his wife’s dignity for the Sultan of Hindustan. Therefore, he rejected the invitation and this added spice to the politics and the movie. As Sultan became furious of this rejection. He declared war on the Kingdom of Chittor.

He attempted to send few of his Cavalry men to the fort of Chittor but Raja Ratan Singh’s foreseen ability made them to fall into dust. Allaudin became aware that he was not fully prepared for this war. He did not step back to pressurize Raja of Chittor.

On the other hand, he supposed to not to pass the foods and basic necessities of life into the kingdom. It took almost 3 months but Raja Ratan Singh got frustrated of the continuous picketing of Sultan and his army.

Therefore, he fired an arrow on his camp. At this action, Sultan did not reacted at all and he remained silent. Even he sent his best slave to Raja to give invitation of friendship.

There was an important event of Holi for Hindus. Raja and his public was celebrating the event deliberately. In this event, according to tradition, people forget about their contentions and meet each other full heartedly.

Sultan sent invitation to end the game. Lets start the new era of friendship. Raja invited Sultan with giving his condition to come to my villa without any weapon. As he was Sultan so he took his sword with him and when he met Raja he gave the sword to him as a gift

Moreover, when they were having dinner Sultan thought that there could be poison in his plate therefore, he shuffled the plates. In this way they spent the day with each other. At the end of their meeting Sultan demanded Raja to let him meet his wife.

Raja got furious and put sword on his neck and all other four members of his personal security did so. Sultan was a brave man and he did not shown any shame on movierulzcinema . He said that if he will kill him, his army will destroy his kingdom.

Raja replied that he is a Rajput and he never attacked any of the guest and the guest who is without weapon. Raja discussed it with his wife as she was ready to fulfill the demand of Sultan. Raja did not let her do so. But she convinced him and her glance of beauty was shown to Sultan.

Which was a sign of disrespect for Sultan. Ultimately, Sultan decided to return and he invited Raja to his camp before he leaves for Delhi. Raja got agreed and he went to meet Sultan to his camp out of the Kingdom of Chittor.

His wife warned him to not to go but being Rajput he took care of the principals and he shown himself brave. He went there without sword as he knew that Sultan’s army has gone back. Case was different as a storm was there and Sultan took Raja with his force to Delhi.

There was no one to stop him. When one of his army men stepped into the camp. He was given a message of Sultan by Raghav Chetan the priest. Army man was going to kill him but he said that his life is the sign of being alive of Raja.

Message was to send Padmaavati to Sultan. Public was not ready, Whole army was arguing but Raja’s wife being emotional took decision to meet him. In return she asked for the conditions to kill priest first and she will meet his husband and then will come to Sultan.

Sultan accepted all the conditions. He sent head of priest as a gift and a sign of acceptance of her conditions. She then went away with the army men disguised as women. Padmaavati stepped into Delhi Kingdom when Muslim army was offering their Fajar prayer.

Mehrunisa was the lady who sent to welcome Padmaavati. Being honest and loyal to his religion she betrayed her husband and let her run away with his husband to Chittor.

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She was declared not loyal to the Sultan and was imprisoned for the whole life. Moreover, Sultan went to Chittor for full war. He declared war and used his all tools of fighting. His attacking way was different as never seen by any of the Hindu Rajas before.

Their technology of that time was way more advanced than any other army. Raja had fight one on one with Sultan and Sultan was going to loose the war but one of Sultan’s slave attacked Raja from back and he got killed.


On the same time, all Hindu women along with Padmaavati decided to perform Johar. This traditional johar took all women to the end of their life. Sultan tried to reach Padmaavati and safe her but she was burnt into ashe when he reached there.

What is the Role of Ranveer Singh in Padmaavati Full Movie?

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Movierulz Fmovies

Ranveer singh is a versatile actor. He has proven himself in less than 5 years. He has given many best movies to Bollywood. He appeared with Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela Full Movie. He played a role of a prince.

His acting in that movie was also appreciative. Moreover, this time he has amend his personality into the character. Reports have shown that he was totally engrossed into Muslim Sultan’s character.

His performance was tremendous due to which this movie has broke the first day release records of the industry. He is playing negative role in the movie but he will be the only one who will be surviving at the end of the movie.

His performance has got the most applause from the audience of all three lead roles. Allaudin Khilji is his name in the movie. He will play role as Sultan of Hindustan.

Who is Padmaavati?

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Movierulz Fmovies

She was the most elegant Hindu princess of her time. She had narratives of her beauty. Even people of Hindustan at that time admired beauty like her. Initially in the movie she was princess of Sinhal region. Later she became wife and Queen of Chittor.

She was second wife of Raja of Chittor and she has played role of an amazon lady. She never fear any act of the Villain. She faced every problem and at the end she did not submitted herself to the monster of the movie.

She performed Johar(Traditional Suicide done by all women together). This was the moment when being viewer I realized that being powerful one cannot own whatever he needs and admires in life.

What was the betterment in the acting Shahid Kapoor in Padmaavati Full Movie?

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Movierulz Fmovies

Shahid Kapoor became a very successful actor when he performed lead role in Vivah Hindi Movie. His fame was not acceptable for the whole industry. However, he managed his success and done many great movies.

He was known as the Chocolate Hero of his time. Many people started comparing him with the legend Shah Rukh Khan. He became a superstar. But his previous few years were not influential. His fan following started falling. No movie was doing good at box-office.

His acting skills were not enough purified. In Padmaavati Movie 2018, he has given his best and made audience amazed of his performance. He befitted himself into the role and Rajputs of India has said that he has really shown wise behavior and acted likewise the Rajputs were in their life.

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Moveirulzcinema

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Online for free

Watch Padmaavati Full Hindi Movie Online 2018 Wikipedia


To sum up the substance, it is not wrong to say that Padmaavati Movie is the only which has hsown the reality from the history. I think this type of the movies should be there. As it can be informative for the viewers and the history lovers.

The war time was amazing where Catapults have been used by the Sultan. As Muslim Sultans were hhaving latest fighting tactics and techniques.

Therefore,they took whole India under their influence. In addition to this, Padmaavati is a movie which has been searched the most over the internet.

It has been searched in a way like, Padmaavati Full Movie Online, Watch Padmaavati Online, Padmaavati Movie 2018 Download, Padmaavati Cast, Padmaavati Queen, Padmaavati Movie Story and many more quesries are there.

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