Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Entertainment has become the necessity of the contemporary world’s environment. If it does not exist between us might people are going to eat each other. Different people and languages are found to be the part of the world and everyone have their own priority.

Likewise, people, who are connected with Movies industry they want to promote their own language. Even though they are up to promote their own culture and traditions.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Baahubali is one of those creations of the 20th century which has amazed the whole globe. Its effects have undertaken numerous people with the clinch of eyes. Recently I have seen pre-eminent variation in the taste of the audience. When people were involved in the traditional works having no idea about the technology and the influence of innovation.

Then Hollywood Movies went into the depths of Sci-Fi Flicks and made audience agape to watch. Even watchers were not able to believe in their eyes. In the aftermaths of those Science-based movies, Directors changed their mind and moved on to special characters like Krisshhh,Superman and many more.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Bollywood Movies gave new birth to the sci-fi movies and animated films. This was the time to get the audience to the cinemas for what they might never be thought about. This step proved to be the best one for them. It has been noticed after 2015 that masses have started involving themselves in the history.

Due to the advancement of the social media, globally people are sharing ancient things which is playing the role to get users to history re-birth.Baahubali Full Movie is the reflection of the latest thinking. It will explore the ancient involvement and interest of the watchers.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

What is Bahubali Full Hindi Movie?

However, I am too much confused to write about this movie. I have gathered a lot of knowledge about it and don’t know where to take the brilliant start. Moreover, this review is about the Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion.

But as I am writing the only article for this record-breaking film. I would like to elaborate from top to bottom about this film. Which might take time of mine as well yours to read out but I promise you to provide best content and material about “Baahubali: The Conclusion”.

So coming back to the question. Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion a movie directed by S.S Rajamouli. The man is already known for his blockbuster movies in the Telugu films industry. He has got prestigious awards like Filmfare and National Films.

Living the simple life in the Hyderabad Telangana.He has dedicated himself to the work of Arts, therefore, India appreciated him with the title of the fourth highest civilian in such field.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

This movie in the Engish language has given the awesome name. The Man with the strong Arms = Baahubali. In that way, Baahubali the Conclusion can be said The Man With The Strong Arms: The Conclusion.

As I was talking about the growing interest of the people in the history, that’s why I mentioned because Baahubali is the Hindi Historical Fiction based movie.

Before throwing light on the story of the 2nd and the biggest movie of the Indian Cinema History. I think it is important for me to make my readers go through the 1st part of the Baahubali: The Conclusion.

In that way, you guys might able to understand the whole movie’s story quickly and easily.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

According to the question, I will let you people know the complete story of the Baahubali 2 but if anyone is confused then can move to next paragraph to know what happened in the Baahubali: The Beginning.

In addition to this, this movie has been out on the market in the both Tamil Movies as well as “Telugu” language. This movie got released in the market on the 28th April of this year.

This movie has already broken India’s all film industries records. It managed to earn approximately 220 million dollars in the world-wide.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

What is the story of “Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion” Full Movie?

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Moving to the plot of the film. It continues from where the Baahubali : The Beginning ended. Kattapa is found to be the most helpful character in the growth of “Mahendra Bahubali”, he was narrating the past.

Telling Shivudu about his birth family, mother father’s death and how he reached to the middle-class family. Kalakeyas was the king of the Guirella force and was defeated by “Mahendra Baahubali’s” father named as Amrendra Baahubali which was also role played by Prabhas.

He was declared as the controller of the kingdom of the Great Mahishmati. As Bhallala Deva was his step brother trying to get the throne of Mahishmati through killing Kalakeyas. As he failed to do so, that’s why was honored by giving the title of commander-in-chief of the army.

Right before the Enthronement ceremony, Sivagami the Queen of the Mahishmati role played by Ramya Krishna. Most impressive character for me in both parts of Baahubali.

She was the princess at that time when she met Amrendra Bahubali. Bhallala Deva was the brother of Amrendra Bahubalia and he was not his real brother that’s why he always wants to win of Amrendra.

Bhalla has seen Amrendra and Devasena (Role Played by Anushka) therefore he wants to create misunderstandings between Sivagami and Bahubali. To do so he asked Sivagami to give the Devasena’s hand in his hand and as she was unaware of the love of Amrendra with Devasena so she promised to Bhallala to do so.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Sivagami is the lady who is supposed to be the Queen who has never consulted with anyone while taking decisions. In that way she took the decision to send a proposal for Devasena to the Kingdom of Kuntala but not for Amrendra

Bahubali but the proposal was sent be a delegate of Mahishmati for Bhallala. As the person who was sent to deliver the Queen’s message for the Devasena’s proposal was rude and having insulting behavior.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

Therefore, Devasena also responds in the same way and that was scorching for the Sivaagami. In addition to this, Sivagami being the Queen owns her attitude and eager and she ordered Amrendra

Baahubali to get the lady who refused her sent proposal to bring her as captive to her.In the meanwhile, Devadena’s kingdom got under attack by the unexpected army of Pindaris who attacked in different ways.

Baahubali succeeds to stop the attack of the army with the help of the weak army of Kuntala which was commanded by the brave leader who was the uncle to the princess of Kuntala (Devasena).

In the aftermaths of this, Amrendra Bahubali Full Movie he offered Devasenaaa to leave Kuntala with him and go to Mahishmati as his bride.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

When both of them in the mainstream reaches to the Mahishmati, Interval of the Full Movies started from there. Sivagami was confused according to the audience and me too and she gives Bahubaali two options that he has to choose between one of two. Those two options were the Throne and his love.

As he was found to be so nice and without any greed of throne so he went the second option to be with his love. Sivagami was the lady of her words and she has given the throne to Bhallala. Enthroning ceremony was there and people were gathered from the whole region.

They were amazed to see Baahubali Movierulz in the designation of Commander in Chief. They were demanding from Baahubali to resign from the position and claim his enthronement.

In the next few scenes of the movie. Relations got more critical and continuous wrong decisions of Sivagami made her think about her past and future. Bhallala still was not happy to see Amrendra with her wife and when Devasena was going to have her first baby shower.

Another strategy played by Bhallala to make Amrendra free of his duties and go to his wife was estimated by Devasena and she raised voice against injustice and cruel behavior of Sivagami and Bhallala too. Even though both of them were struck out of the Kingdom’s palace.

Watch Baahubali Full Movie Online Trailer

Baahubali happily accepted the decision and the couple started living with the people of the village and they were spending the happy and expected life. Bhallala was the man who was never satisfied with his achievement and always wants to win from Baahubali which was not possible. He again made a plan to let sivagami take those decisions which were in his favor.

He and his father (Role played by Nassar) draw a sketch that Baahubali is on to kill Bhallala and they need to stop him. Therefore, Sivagami as Queen ordered his best army man Kattapa to go and get the job done.

The job was to assassinate the Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. As he was bound by his words to serve the Mahishmati queen and her orders and he did so. He killed Amrendra by stabbing him in his back.

Kattapa got to know after killing Amrendra that everything was just an illusion drawn by Bhalala and his father and he told everything to the Queen and at the same time the mother of “Mahendra Baahubali” (Devasena) reached.

When Sivagami noticed that Devasena has her generation in her hands. She to get rid of her mistakes and wrong decisions declared Mahendra Baahubali as the next king of the Mahishmati Kingdom.

Which was never acceptable for the Bhallala and his family so they planned to prison Queen as well as Devasena. Queen took Mahendra Bahubali and fled away from the kingdom. But Devasena was taken as the captive and her parental Kingdom Kuntala was vanished by the Bhalala’s Army.

This was the whole story told by the Kattapa to the Mahendra Bahubali and it continues from there to the end of the Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

After listening to the whole injustice with his parents Mahendra Bahubali decided to finish the Bhallala and his father. His princess Avanthika and the Kattapa’s army even the people of the city supported him to avenge his enemies.

Even Bhallala get to know that Mahendra Bahubali is back to Mahishmati and he wants to get her released her captive mother so he again prisoned her and blocked the whole Palace. Baahubali always seems to be a chivalrous character in that way he in some way got into the palace and get her mother released and killed Bhallala.

In this whole duration, Bijalla deva tried to manipulate Kattapa again by reminding him his words and duties but he reminds Bhallala’s father that he has kept his words and serving king as Mahendra Baahubali was declared the King of the Mahishmati by Sivagami approximately 25 years ago.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online Trailer with youtube

Now being reader and audience confusion comes into existence that all of those things were mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article happened in the previous part of the movie named as Baahubali: The Beginning .

To make it clear for the readers I am going to add the additional paragraph of the previous movie’s part which will be helpful for the visitors to make them understand easily everything about the Indian most grossed movie till this date.

What is the story of “Baahubali The Beginning ” Full Movie?

The inspiring film starts with the entrance of the elegant lady who was the Queen of the Mahishmati Kingdom (Role Played By Ramya Krishnan). She was stabbed in her back with an arrow which was an attack by the Bhallalas force.

She was holding a baby in her hands and she wants to make the baby reach a safer destination. Even though she begged her GOD that “Mahendra Bahubali Should be saved”.

As in the previous question’s answer, it has been clearly mentioned by my side that which role was given to which star and how they played their brilliant characters.

Bahubali The Beginning Full Movie starts when Ramya kills two army men in while crossing the connected rivers and passing through a cave. She has shown her excellent sword handling skills and she fell into the river but she took her hands raised in which she holds the baby.

Villagers around the river noticed that baby is swimming with any support in the river they saved the baby and Sivagami got drowned. Rohini played the role of the mother of the Shiv a.k.a Mahendra Bahubali (Role Played by Prabhas).

People of the village were thinking to get the child back to the hills on the top through the cave but Sanga did not want to return the baby to the cruel people.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online

They given the name Shivdu to the Prabhas and they grown him for next 25 years. Mahendra Baahubali who was unaware of skills and past always tried to cross the hills and get to his top destination. He failed many times and his mother got angry to him for this act. One day he got a wooden mask fallen from the hills.

This made him more curious that different kind of people living different life over there. Which he wants to see, he crossed the hills successfully to find out the person who owns that mask . There comes the lady who became the reason of the Mahendra Baahubali’s success.

She was Avanthika (Role Played by Tammanah), she was brave fighter working for the Devasena’s army who were famous for their Gorreila warfare skills. She was assigned the job to get the prisoned princess of Kuntala back to her people and she was trying to do so.

In the meanwhile, when she comes to know that “Mahendra Baahubali” crossed the hills to reach to her from her wooden mask. She got inspired of the actions of Shivdu and falls in love with him.

However, later she told him that she has been assigned such job and she cannot live such beautiful, full of love life with him. So Shivdu decided to help her to get the Queen free. At the same time, Army of the Bijaladeva reaches and attacks Avanthika.

She somehow saved because Shivdu shown his strong fighting skills. Then both of them entered the palace and due to unexpected attack both left the palace without taking the queen. They were chased by the inexperienced son of Bhallala deva and his chief of the army.

Shivdu succeed to kill Bhallaha’s son but when Kattapa went to attack Shivdu he suddenly dropped his sword and went to his knees by saying “Baaahubali”. Then Kattapa start narrating the whole story of the Baahubali: The Beginning.

Watch Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Online with Estream

He told Mahendra Baahubali that his father Amrendra Baahubali’s father died in a war and her mother also passed away by giving birth to the brave man of the Mahishmati.

Later BijallaaDeva was thought to be the King but he was not able due to his incapability and non-serious behavior. Therefore, his wife “Sivagami Devi” was declared as the Queen. But these thrones were never overlooked by any queen for the longer duration that’s why it was mandatory for the Mahishmati people to choose their leader.

In the aftermaths of this, Queen planned to decide between her two sons. Bhallala Deva and Amrendra Baahubali that who is more good as a king of the kingdom. Therefore, she trained both in the same way. Both of them were trained in the same way but different in their natures.

Baahubali was kind and always found new ways to fix the problems in the caring way. While Bhallala’s behavior was vigorous and he did everything whatever it takes to make him win.

Mahishmati was not having single enemies.People were there who were always behind the throne of Kingdom.Savages known as Kalaykeyas, challenged the Queen to attack the kingdom.She found it as a great opportunity to test both of his sons.

she thought that this will make it easier for her to decide that who will be the next king.His husband also suggested him that she should select the one who will beat Kalakeyas King.

Fight was not started and Savages were asked to return with their lives. They refused and even their king said the Queen that “He will take the throne as well as her. He will have babies from her”.

Something which was arousing for the audience in the cinemas. But Sivagami got enraged due to this and suggested both of her sons to bring the King of Kalakeyas to her alive by just chomping of his limbs.

War got started and Kalakeyas used the prisoners of the Mahishmati as their shields. Amrendra Baahubali tried another way to save the masses as well and attacked the Kalakeyas too. Whereas Bhallala did not bothered at all about the people of Mahishmati and attacked in any way.

This was not inspiring for the Queen. Moreover, When Amrendra Baahubali was going to cut the limbs of the Kalakeyas king.Suddenly Bhallala to win the throne killed the king and war got to an end.

Queen noticed everything in the war and she declared Amrendra Baahubali as the king of the throne and given the designation of Commander in chief to Bhallala.

This took the whole movie to an end but a question was raised in the end of the Baahubali : The Beginning that where is Amrendra Baahubali on which he replied that he is dead and Kattapa is the one who killed him.

That is from the Baahubali 2 : The Conslusion got started and the other end of the whole story has been exposed in the next part.

Difference Between BaahuBali : The Beginning and Baahubali : The Conclusion

Lead role of the film on which the whole narration has been depicted was the same in the both parts of the film. Prabhas has played the lead role in the both movies. The difference in his characters was in Baahubali : The Beginning he played Amrendra Baahubali’s role.

Whereas in the Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion he played Mahendra Baahubali’s role who was the son to Amrendra Baahubali. Devasena the love and wife of Amrendra Baahbali was role played by Anushka Shetty the famous lady known only for her lovely characters in the Telugu Movie she also appeared in the both parts of the film but she has prominent appearance in the Bahubali: The Beginning Full Movie Online.

In addition to this, Ramya Krishnan(Inspiring Lady for me) she got an appearance in all the parts of the Baahubali Free Movie. She played the character of the Queen. Kattapa has little influence but he has been nominated for such little character due to his performance as the supporting role.

Avanthika role played by Tammanah who was a warrior and after all a lady who fell in love with Mahendra Baahubali.

How Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion became the most grossed movie in the history of indian movies?

That is the most repeated question asked by me in the mailbox by the people. As Movierulzcinema always on to maximize the satisfaction of their visitors.

Therefore, here it is important to mention that Baahubali was the only movie in the history of the “Telugu” as well as Tamil Movies which released all across the world in different language.

In addition to this, Movie was so planned by the producers and directors that it was inter-related to the second part of the movie which was already scheduled before the release of Baahubali: The Beginning.

Earned the producer more than 650 crores. That was not that much big success in the court of Baahubali as numerous other Hindi Movies were already doing such gross all across the world.

However, it has done its job with making people curious about an unending story that people were dying to watch another part of Baahubali where Prabhas and Tammanah were going to hit the floor.

This movie grossed 700 crores within two days of its release. Other Stats for the comparison are given below in the image by MovierulzCinema.

What is the Cast of “Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion 2017 Hindi Movies Online Streaming With HD Movierulz”?

Director Name:

S.S Raajamouli

Writers Name:

V.K Vijeyndra Parsad


Anushka Shetty,
Ramya Krishnan,
Rana Daggubati,

What is the Cast of “Baahubali : The Beginning 2016 Hindi Movies Online Streaming With HD Movierulz”?

Director Name:

S.S Raajamouli

Writers Name:

V.K Vijeyndra Parsad


Anushka Shetty,
Ramya Krishnan,
Rana Daggubati,

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