The year 2017 was full of fun in Bollywood. Movies which were not expected to gross, even the production companies which were not able to generate revenue from the Full Movies, they also grossed much.

There is an upward trend in the Bollywood film industry to give as much movies as they can.Movierulzcinema always presented something new and different.

This time Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers all are here to make the audience to break their wait and get to know how their year will be with the Bollywood Film Industry.

In last few years it has been seen that there are few stars, superstars, film stars who have not been seen on the screen. In 2018 fans of the Bollywood Movies and Hindi Movies will see all of them. Many of them have been casted together.

For instance, Amitabh Bachan and Rishi Kapoor together are going to perform in an Upcoming Bollywood Movie in 2018.

Movie Genres matters the most for the fans of the Full Movies Online. In 2018 Bollywood Movies there will be massive change in the life of fans. As Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Movies, Sci-fi Movies, Thriller Movies all are there for the fans.

There are numerous movies which have been listed in more than one genre. Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers are important for the fans because being fan it is so difficult to wait for the movies to get released and expose the whole story.

Movierulzcinema always came up in the industry with something new and different. Presenting the Complete Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers is the demand of the visitors.

Here you can see the complete list, trailers, plot of the film as it can be provided best by us.It is better to talk about Top Grossed Bollywood Movies in 2018. As this is not the end of the year and we cannot say that these are the total movies which have done good business.

we can compare the movies with other movies and can say that these are the top revenue generating movies till this date.

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018:

This year has been considered and designed as full of fun from the Bollywood’s perspective. From the start of this year, in the first month Bollywood gave a blockbuster film of the year or might this movie’s record is unbreakable.

Yes, we are talking about Padmaavati full movie which has grossed up to 500 Crores in Indian Rupees till now. Due to this it has been ranked on the top of the list of Highest Grossing Movies in 2018. Many awaited movies like Raid, Padman, Sonu ke Titu Ki Sweety , Baaghi 2, Hate Story 4 , Hichki , Pari and many other have already been released.

Movies like Race 3 , Baazar , 102 Not Out, Das Dev, Soorma, Veere Di Wedding in which Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor together casted. There will be many more unexpected and mind boggling Hindi Movies. Let’s start getting you through the list presented by movierulz and make you guys feel that how your year will go with Bollywood movies.

Padmaavati Full Movie Review – Released on 25th January 2018:

Padmaavati Full Movie Review – Released on 25th January 2018

This movie has been categorized into Epic Period Drama film. Actually, this movies turned into Action Movie or Romantic Thriller. This movie was the most expensive creation of the Bollywoodfilm industry.

They have spent more than 30 million dollars in the production of this massive film. This movie has also been considered as the revival of Shahid Kapoor’s performance in Hindi Movies.There are three main characters in this movie.

Deepika padukone has been given the name of Padmaavati as Padmaavati is the name of the Full Movie. Deepika Padukone is playing the role of princess as Shahid Kapoor is her life partner and king of Chittor. However, the character which has inspired the most, is played by Ranveer Shingh. He is the man with excellent ambitions and wants to take over the whole world as a king.

What is the plot of Padmaavati Full Movie?

What is the plot of Padmaavati Full Movie

This movie is history based when the Muslim Kingdom was all over the globe. Jalaludin was the enthroned Sultan of that time and his dynasty was handled through Afghanistan. He was the one who belongs to Khilji Family, who are famous for wars and killings. Being the Sultan he planned to over take the Dehli Throne.

He was getting old but was strong enough to take actions when he has planned it. Unfortunately, he thought to involve the son of this elder brother in this matter. For this Alladuin the Lead role of the film played by Ranvir Singh asked his uncle to let him marriage his cousin(Daughter of Jalaludin) and he got agreed.

There was an event of proper arranged marriage ceremony and after nikah, Allaudin was not with his wife but he was having the Marriage night with any other woman. He was seen by a man who was killed by Allaudin himself.

Somehow, his newly married wife got informed of this act of his. She got scarred and this thing will be carried out all of the way in the full Movie.

On the other hand side, Sinhala Princess the role played by Deepika Padukone met Shahid Kapoor in a coincidence. Where she gave him a wound but not intentionally as she was hunting in the jungle at that time. He went their to get precious gift of pearls which he heard from one of his ministers for his wife.

However, when he got wounded, Deepika took him with her and tried to cure his wound by treating him.As this is the movie, it has to take turn sometime. This was a turning point for both of them and they fell in love with each other.

Ratan Singh the Raja of Chittor played by Shahid Kapoor asked her to get married to him and she answered in Yes! As she was also interested but with her father’s permission they both got married. She travelled to Chittor with Ratan Singh.

In the meanwhile, Khiljis were busy in their own political plans and raids. They took the Delhi throne. But Allaudin was the man with big dreams so he dreamt to get the throne and his uncle came to know about his intentions.

He went to meet his nephew (Ranvir Singh) where he gave him a gift of a slave. Who will be considered as his male wife throughout the film. Allaudin took the gift but killed his uncle at once and declared himself as the deserving person after his uncle. He became sultan of Delhi as well as the leader of Khilji Dynasty.

Padmaavati and Ratan are together after marriage and they are having tours which can be said as honeymoon moments. They met the priest of Chittor there. Who always shown as the loyal person to the Raja of Chittor.

He was caught watching intimate scenes of Raja with his wife and he was thrown out of Kingdom due to this act. In the form of Retalliation, this man went to meet Allaudin to tell him about Padmaavati’s Beauty.

As he is known to have love for beauties and famous to get whatever feels good to his eyes. As he was so inspired of the beauty and the narration of the Raghav Chetan. As he depicted her so beautiful like angels.

So he sent invitation to Raja Ratan Singh to pay visit to Delhi Sultanate with his family. As it was known to everyone that Allaudin wants her beauty therefore, Raja denied the invitation. Due to this rejection of visit, Delhi Sultan became fury and planned to attack Chittor.

As Raja was a strong man with strong army and amazing building of his kingdom. He tried to get all other Hindu rajas to retaliate Allaudin on his action but due to Allaudin’s terror all of them denied to help him.

He got unsuccessful in his first attempt to conquer the Kingdom of Chitor but ultimately he was a rigid man and wants to fulfil his wishes. Therefore, he waited outside of the Kingdom to make Raja fell to his knees.

Raja also confronted with amazing passion. He maintained his Rajputi attitude to show that he is not scared of Sultan at all. Padmaavati being a lady was not fearful of Sultan’s fury at all. She stood along with her husband and claimed that her husband will stop Khilji and his army which was not possible. He just made decision to not to let her wife to be the property of his enemy.

During six months stay of Khilji army outside of the Chitor Kingdom he was once attacked by a fiery spur shot by Raja at the tents of Sultan. Everything burnt into ashes but sultan did not retaliated.

He wanted to make things more better as the hindus special event Holi was there and the hindu priest raghav was with him told him that this day they make new friends and forget about all the sorrows and reasons of animosity.

That’s why Sultan took decision to go for peace with Raja Ratan Singh. He sent a letter to him to have friendship and then he asked Raja to invite him to his home. accepted to invite him as guest but he put some conditions as the messenger of Allaudin was not enough political man so he accepted all conditions at once.

When Khilji went there, Raja sent his brother in law to attend him to show that he does not care if the Sultan is at his door. However, Sultan gave him a gift of sword and said that he has fulfilled the condition to appear alone and without weapon.

Allaudin Khilji was a strong and talented person who can perceive things hey played games like chess together and done their lunch. After sometime Khilji demanded Raja to show him his beautiful wife means Padmaavati.

Raja got angry and he put sword on his neck but he said that he canot break the rule of his ancestors as they have never tried ot attack any of their guests. To make it easy Padmaavati got agreed to appear in front of him but being the part of politics Raja chose a strategy to not ot show her wife completely that is from where Sultan’s hunger to see Raja’s wife was increased.

As he was disrespected but he wanted to be friend of Raja he invited him to his tent to serve him as guest.This is where things have got changed. Raja Ratan Singh being Rajputi Blood showed his bravery and went to meet him alone and their Allaudin kidnaped him and left Ragahv Chetan(priest) to deliver message for Padmaavati to come to visit him.

As Raja was already married before taking Padmaavati into his relation. So, Nagmati the supreme Queen of the Chitor forced padmaavati to go to Khilji. As according to her, she was the reason why her husband got kidnapped.

She was not ready to accept that Khilji was doing wrong to get her. But she got agreed to go to him. In return she asked Khilji to kill Raghav Chetan as he was responsible for all of these things. The other condition she imposed that she will meet the Sultan when his husband will set free and she would like to meet her husband at first.

Khilji was agreed and he invited her. In the meanwhile, Sultan was attacked by his nephew as Sultan got the throne his nephew wanted to do so. Atfer attack he got recovered soon and he realized that his nephew was responsible so he killed him.

Mehrunisa the role of Sultan’s wife was shown as much innocent than any other character of the Full Movie.Therefore, she became the supporting role in the movie by facilitating Padmaavati and her husband escape the villa of Sultan easily.

However, when Padmaavati came she bring more than 40 men disguised in women dress and she entered at the time of Fajar prayer of the muslims. Ultimately, she met her husband and she with the support Malika e Hindustan went away.

This was ttthe time when Sultan punished her elegant and lovely wife and she was sentenced to conspiracy. At the end, Sultan shown his fury and he attacked Chitor with his full power and he introduced the latest attacking machine.

Due to which he almost destroyed the kingdom of Chitor. However, Both of thye enemies fought with each other but Raja Ratan Singh was killed by one of man of Sultan’s army. Again this was a cheating act done by Khilji but he got succeed and when he tried to enter the villa.

Women of the kingdom attacked him but somehow he entered but when he tried to reach Padmaavati due to whom he was having war with Raja of Chitor performed Johar along with other ladies.

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This is how this movie came to an end.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Review – Released on 23th Feburary 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

This movie has been categorized as the Comedy Movie. Honestly this kind of comedy and drama combination have been in this industry after a long time. This movie is the second highest grossed movie yet because it has made more than 22 million dollar in first week.

A Films is the company whose responsibility was to distribute this movie all over the globe. In short, this company was having selling rights.

Overall, this movie was not expected to be that much big hit but as this is a work of T-series and this company is famous for producing quality movies online. Therefore, this movie also became a blockbuster.

What is the story of Sonu ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Whenever, I have written something over this blog people have asked me about the plot of the movie. As in the biggest informative websites like Wikipedia there is always a problem of syntax. As their context of writing is never clear to the people.

However, let’s start putting lights on the storyline of this Full Movie. This is a kind of movie in which it is difficult for the people to decide about the cast of the film. They are not able to understand that who is playing hero and who will be nominated for the supporting role.

In this movie, Karthik Aaryan is the man who is playing a positive role. Throughout the movie it has been considered that Sunny Niraj is the Hero of the film. This movie is amazing because the character inserted in this film are proficient in their roles.

Sonu and Titu are childhood friends. As sonu’s mother got passed when hye was too young therefore he started spending his life with Titu and his family. His father went Canada and settled himself there. Both of them were together and were like breath to each other.

Story started when Titu was unhappy and crying for his girlfriend. She refused to talk to him anymore. Being typical friend Sonu supported him to get out of this situation.

Titu was really hurt as he was in love with Pihu(Ex-Girlfriend). Sonu made him believe that they were not the complete couple as Pihu was having queer nature. She was not the lady with whom Titu can spend his whole life. She was a passing cloud and she has gone.

He made compare of Titu’s nature which was so smooth and loving whereas pihu was a sharp girl looking for her own desires. Titu somehow recovered from this incident and continued his life. After few months as he belonged to a Punjabi family and they have a business of sweets.

They had a friendly and open environment. Titu’s mother said that they have got a proposal of interest from a known family. As Titu was already hurt and he was not up to have any more girlfriends and unauthentic relations. Therefore, he decided to meet the concerned girl.

Sweety role played by Nushrat Baruccha,she appeared as the innocent girl and both families met at five star restaurant. Both families got frank to each ogther and they gave time to Sonu ke Titu Ki Sweety to have conversation with each other separately.

As sonu never left Titu alone with anyone therefore, he wanted to go with them but Titu’s mother stopped him as this was not required and they believed that Titu can manage it on his own.

Both had conversation and being innocent Titu told everything to the girl in the first meeting about his home, family and environment. She got inspired and both of them decided to choose each other as a life partner.

Titu never made any decision without Sonu’s interest and the whole family also asked Sonu to give his decision as all of them were interested to accept her as Titu’s wife.

Sonu was a smart guy and he had relation with numerous girls in the past. He was expert of girl’s psychology. Therefore, he said that things cannot be so perfect in any girl, how this girl is acting so fine.

Is this only an act or she is really of that kind. Anyways, he accepted the offer and got ready to let Titu get engaged with sweety.

In the meanwhile, he got to know about the story of her past where she was going to marry a guy named as Rohan but it was not successful because of Sweety’s weired acts in another city of India. She act strange in front of his fiancé because she was drunk.

As he considered it as an opportunity and he tried to reveal this to the Grandmother of Titu and his mother. This was not a successful attempt from his side.

As sweety was already prepared for this and she narrated her own depicted story. Everyone believed her as there was no fault of her in that story. Titu made it clear to Sonu that there was no need to create hype as she has already told him about his when they met first day.

When things got smooth according to Sonu and he started accepted Sweety as her bhabi. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is the movie in which no viewer can understand when the game will be changed.

On the Night of Sweety’s engagement she exposed that she is a player and she loves to play the clever games and she said that Titu is no more the best friend of Sonu.

She claimed that she will take away Titu from Sonu and he will not exist in his life anymore. As he got shocked but ultimately his intentions were already supporting this so he believed her and told the truth to Grandfather and Grandmother’s brother lalu of Titu.

Both of them were very frank to Titu and Sonu. They gave a challenge to Sonu to beat the girl in the challenge and do not let Titu get away of him.

As they got engaged and they were spending much time together. Therefore, Titu’s and Sonu’s life was entirely changed. Even she sent a servant of her to keep the home clean. Even though Titu gave her the key of the home and she was free to enter the rooms any time.

She got Sonu red handed doing romance with her girlfriend. Even though she did not shown that she bothered it. Titu was an innocent person. He was who started telling everything of his life to sweety and she was taking advantage of it.

All of the plans of sonu were getting failed. He wanted to make things easier for Titu. Therefore, he made a plan to take Titu to Amsterdam in the name of Bachelor’s Party. They went their and according to Sonu’s plan Titu met his Ex-girlfriend accidently.

In this plan of his he committed to Pihu that she will get her lover. Even though by telling a lie he made her believe that Titu still in love with her. As in this case, Sonu was not doing wrong because he was doing everything to safe his friend from the Evil’s nature girl.

She wanted to have flat and property on her name. But Sonu was waiting for this act of her and he wanted to take advantage but she acted smartly and she said that she wants the new property to be registered on Titu’s Grandmother and Grandfather’s name.

However, Pihu was taken back to India and she was invited as a guest and she also participated in many activities to get closer to Titu and his family. Somehow Sonu was successful with his plan but Sweety was not the one to get defeated so easily. Therefore, she exposed the truth to Pihu and Pihu exposed the truth to Titu.

This was for the very first time Titu misunderstood Sonu and Sweety with her pinching smile declared her victory to Sonu. This was the time when he came to know that there is nothing which can work as a plan for this girl.She can only be defeated by the power of friendship.

Sonu on the wedding day of Titu went on Barat with him and but he did not let him complete the marriage and said that My friend she is not the girl for you. He wept and went away by saying that you have to choose between me and her.

As Titu was his childhood friend and he said that he has never cried because he is a strong boy but if he is crying then there is something fishy which I can’t let go. He postponed his wedding and went away to prove his friendship.

Funniest part was when the whole family was fighting at different points but the Groom was went away to make his friend feel that he is always with him.
To sum up the substance, this movie was a complete combination. This movie made the viewers laugh as well romance and trill was also there. This is a drama movie but it was not found in the Full Movie Online.

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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz

Raid 2018 Full Movie Review – Released on 16th March 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

There are many kind of films. Ajay Devgan has a different personality and he has always choose to be the star of the film which suits to his physique. He has been appreciated the most when he has played a role of Policeman in the movies like Singham.

This character suits to his personality. Apart of this there are many things which can be said about his personality. As for the Full Movies he is performing great in the action movies. This movie is not as much complicated and scoopy as the previous two movies.

This movie still included in the Top Bollywood Grossed Movies on 2018. The reason is that the cast of this movie is known and people have always waited for their Latest Upcoming Movies.

Ileana D Cruz will be playing the main female role in the movie and she has been given the role of wife of the Police Officer. However, what is the complete story of Raid full Movie Online has been explained below.

What is the Story of Raid Full Movie 2018?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Action Movies are always different narration depicting than other movies. This movie is also spicy as well as criminal thriller. Even this type of movies are always different. Amay Patnaik the role played by Ajay Devgan in the Movie. He was a police officer who was famous for his actions against criminals.

He has got transferred to the other city and his designation and department has been changed according to his personality. Income Tax is the department in which he has been given the role to play as DC.

As he has entered into the new city and like his previous movies he has been informed by the hidden sources that there is the man who has never got the attention of IT Department of India. But he is having the most black money of the state and he has got support of numerous known politicians and acting ministers.

However, Amay is a brave officer and he damn cares about the facts which are against his job duties. The person who has been accused to have black money is also MLA and an active politician. This movie will be all around the Gold and the stocks of the money.

As he has got transferred and he has took his elegant wife with her. She is also a brave lady but ultimately the crimes and criminals are always terrifying for the innocents. Amay and his wife Maalini were spending happy and peaceful life but when he got transferred and got Ramesh Singh the Don of the city. His Life got complicated.

Ramesh Singh being the part of dirty politics always tried to bribe the officers and kept himself away of taxation department. This was the time when Amay got to follow him and he followed him like no one done it before.

Even though when Ajay Devgan realized that he needs to investigate and search the house of Don. He did so initially got no result which means there was found no evidence of corruption and black money.

As there was a force who was already against the Don and was supporting Amey,then he got another hidden letter which exposed the truth that Ramesh was not the person who deserves clearance from Income Tax Dept.

Therefore, he was told the exact place in Ramesh’s home where the money was hidden. He got exactly to the position and there Ramesh was found guilty. Ramesh was a complete power of the state it was not bearable for him to get defeated from an officer.

Therefore, he wanted to retaliate. He tried at first to use his political sources. Even she met the acting prime minister of country but no support was given to him by anyone. Ramesh was not only a politician therefore he used other way. He tried to attack his wife but fortunately she got saved by nature.

As he loved his wife the most in the world therefore he was full of fury but being decent officer he controlled himself. Then Ramesh sent his team of Goons and serial killers to kill the hero of the moive but fortunately he was an Ex police officer and he was good at using gun.

He saved himself and he was initially secured from the city’s police which was sent by Indhra Gandhe. The person who was supporting Ajay devgan and providing him secret information was Ramesh son’s wife. As she was forced to marry his son.

Girl was not interested because his son was crippled but he was a powerful man used his power and made that comely and innocent girl slave of his handicapped son. She wanted to take revenge therefore she helped Ajay Devgan to Complete the Raid.

However, the case of Ramesh did not got to an end because he used his power and he was successful to send/transfer out of the city with his family. Things got smooth but there was a bright future for the couple.

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Raid Full Movie Online Movierulz

In my perspective, this Raid Full Hindi Movie 2018 was not so different and much successful story. Personally I did not likes the story because there was nothing special, different and new in the film. Things which were in Singham and Singham 2 were included.

Black money always belongs to big business tycoons and politician so this was same in this film. Overall, as acting is concerned it was a complete family package to make them entertained enough.

Baaghi 2 Full Hindi Movie 2018 Review – Released on 30th March 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

When it is serious to discuss movies and give Full Movie Review. Audience has always waited for the good movies next version. Bollywood has not practiced it much.

Since 2007 there has been seen an upward trend of creating sequels of the movies. This cannot be said initially that this specific movie has been designed accordingly.

Their movies have found no connection in the previous and next versions of the film. It has been noticed that whatever the next version are generally released the charm of the previous version was also taken away from the next one.

For instance, Hera Pheri Full Movie was a great comedy of that time. When its Sequel got released in the name of Phir Her Pheri.

People enjoyed the movie but originality of the fun was not present there. It was felt like the stars of the movie are trying to make people. Otherwise, Paresh Rawaal’s acting was amazing in that version of the movie.

What is the story of Baaghi 2 Hindi Full Movie Online?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Movie had great charm in the first version of the movie. Tiger Shroff learnt Indian Kung Fu. His personality has become to be known for the Best Action Movies. The way he has shown his fighting and stunts skills.

It has been considered that he will be casted in the Action Thrills of Bollywood for the next ten years. This story starts from Disha Patni’s attack. She was attacked by unknown people but somehow she survived that incident but her daughter was taken away from her.

She was helpless and alone without husband’s support. She was left with no option.Therefore, she called her ex-boyfriend. Who is an army trained officer fighting in Kashmir against antagonistic terrorists.

When he got her call, he went into the throw back memories of his life. Where both of them were together as colleagues of college. They were enjoying hell happy life but they got separated due to some reasons.

Both of them still miss each other. The best prove of this was that Girl called him at first to get help. At once, he was ready to help her.

Movie will take a turn when Romeo will get back to the city and will try to find more and more about her daughter. This will not be an easy task for him. As there is a mystery behind this kidnap scene but to make it obvious he has taken it as his job and giving his best to bring Disha’s daughter back to her mother.

Baaghi 2 have found less captivating rather than Baaghi:The Rebel. First edition of this movie was full of action and it was a complete package of Romance and Action. However, being learner Tiger also played his role in a great way.

This time he is trying to copy the famous stars of Hollywood Movies.Some people claimed that this movie is copy of Silvester’s English movie. Overall, in this movie he will fight alone against the whole force of goons.

Moreover, he will face to fight the big amount of police officers and he will kill all of them. Movie has been beautified by the addition of Romantic songs otherwise there was nothing interesting and enough eye catching for the viewers.

Still being released under the famous brand and having known cast this movie has done good business. Till this date it is listed as the fourth Top Grossed Movies of Bollywood in 2018.To sum up the substance, it can be said that this movie is not complete with the story and there is a distortion of characters.

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Bhaaghi 2 Full Movie Online Movierulz

As it is not mentioned/shown that who is with whom? Still this movie can be categorized as the Movies Watched Online Free.

Hichki 2018 Full Hindi Movie Review – Released on 23rd March 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Rani Mukherjee is an elegant lady. She has proven herself to be the best Actress of 20th century. In the past few years, she has not seen over the big screen. This time she has come up with different story and different skills.

She is the lady who has great relation with W family. As she knows that when to do, what to do, how to do, where it will work the most and many other things are there.Bollywood Movies are facing a downfall because there are no more attractive and fascinating stories of the Full Movies.

Tamil and Telugu Movies are providing basic plot ideas to the movie makers in Hindi cinema. It has been clearly said and declared by many known directors and film production companies. However, to make it more obvious, Rani Mukher Jee and Yash Raj Films have always gave a great combination.

This time the story of the movie is entirely different from all the genres of the movies. As there is no action, no romance, no thrill, no surprises. Still this is one of the Best Bollwyood Movies in 2018.

This movie is dealing with the true story of the relation between Student and Teacher. Many of the people before the release of this movie considered it like another movie Tar e Zameen Par.

Yes from the comparison point of view this is another movie but this movie’s story is not exactly matched to previous one from the same genre.

Overall, it won’t be wrong to say that she has played her role very well as she is tremendous actress. This time she has astonished the world and story is amazing and Hichki Full Movie is listed as the top 6th grossed movie of the year 2018 till today!

What is the storyline of Hichki Full Hindi Movie Online?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Teachers are the Spiritual parents of one. They are who amends the mentality of any person. There is no one in this world who is not having any teacher. It won’t be wrong to say that if there does not exists teachers, there cannot exists humanity.

Let’s start talking about the movie story. She is playing the role of an abnormal teacher. This is not like she is playing entirely an abnormal scene. She is playing it due to the Tourette Syndrome, a disease in which she is normal in life but sometimes she is facing problem like unknown sounds inside,

Hiccups. She cannot control herself when she is under attack of the disease. This was not normal and this was with her since her childhood. Even though his father and mother always fought to each other due to this problem of her.

Her father never motivated or supported her. Therefore, the relation between two was not enough good. However, his parents were divorced and she was spending her life with her mother and her brother. This was not like she was not brilliant and she was not able to understand things like normal humans.

As she already done B.Ed and M.Ed along with Msc. She was trying to get a job for her. Being abnormal she knew that no one is going to marry her or accept her as his better half. Therefore, being bold lady she took the step to start her career in teaching.

Her career was as bright as we can see we need teachers but being sufferer of Tourette Syndrome she was not able to get any job. One day, she got a call from her previous school where she had her education. She got the call and when she was interviewed she was asked by the principal that why she is so consistent in applying this job.

As she was doing this from many years and it was her fifth attempt in the same school. In return she answered that at her time principal was so loving and he had believe in her. As people were there who were not accepting her as a student but still he accepted her.

This attitude of the lady impressed the jury of the interview and she was given a chance to teach in the school. There were two classes named as different sections. As 9f was the new class and all of the working teachers were not able to tackle the students of that class.

As it was necessary for the school to have her as their teacher. Rani Mukherjee was not aware of the facts behind her hiring and she did not know that this class students were so unmannered.

However, she did not bothered it and she tried to know what the problem with this section is as other teachers are not willing to teach. She was told by the peon of the school who knew her for a long time that the students of this section are not the children of rich people.

They belongs to poor families and this was the only quota for which school gave them admission. This time the story of English Winglish Full Movie came into many minds when the people showed themselves as slums being richest of the city.

When she had her first class with that section she felt that students are trying to make fun of her. But being teacher she was not able to complain anyone, as she did not bothered it. She decided to treat them in different way and with a new teaching style.

Meanwhile the students who were not in the school with the studies purpose only pranked her with chemical and due to which they made an explosion in the chemistry lap. Naina(Rani Mukherjee) took the responsibility of this act and said that this was not more than a failed chemical test.

As she knew that students will get expelled of the institute if she won’t support them.There was the most famous teacher of the school against Naina and he challenged Naina to keep safe her class students as he is not going to make them last longer in this school.

Naina accepted the challenge as she knew that this was not easy because Students of the challenger were the perfect class of the school and they were the highest score achievers in the exams. Even though his students were given the Annual Science fair project to participate in.

Naina was a brilliant teacher therefore she did not bothered the acts of Mr Wadia and she started working on her students. She tried to build confidence and self motivation in all of her students. On of her students named as Aatish was not compatible with her.

He tried to damage the project of the other class which has been discussed above. He was noticed by the students and many teachers therefore Mr Wadia complained to the principal and together they planned to expel the students because according to them they do not deserve to get education.

Naina being the supporter of her class tried to protect them but somehow she convinced the principal not to expel the class. Ultimately for the mistake they were punished not to attend the classes until final exams. The condition was that if they will pass the exam they can continue otherwise, they will be expelled.

She told the class all of them were feeling guilty but they together promised to beat the 9A in th final exams. Aatish was made realized by his class-mates that he has not done good. He accepted his mistake and publicly he announced his apology to his teacher Naina.

Now all of the students of 9f class dedicated themselves for the studies.They were asked to cheat the paper as the carbon copy of the paper was sponsored to them by one of the students of 9A. All of them were having strong believe in Naina therefore they did not accepted that paper.

They continued their hard work and struggle and they got their positions in the finals. As competitor has to fulfill his duty, likewise, the person who sent paper accused the whole class for bribing him to give papers.

He was proven wrong when it was told by the student of the class 9A that it was just to make them fool. They did not accepted the paper at time. Even the paper was sent by me was accurate.
Mr wadia also announced on the stage that it was he who did not wanted to get education from this school. All of the confusions were away and things were smooth. As everything gets smoother at the end of every movie, likewise happened to Hichki Full Movie Online.

Movie ends when she spent her 25 years in the school and she was working as the principal of the school. Students applauded her efforts for this school and she became the hero of the film.

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Hichki 2018 Full Movie Online Movierulz

Pari 2018 Full Hindi Movie Review Anushka Sharma – Released on 2nd March 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Bollywood Movies are full of thrill. This cannot be said that all movies belong to Thriller genre of the movies. This has been noticed by the viewers of the Hindi Movies that there is more charm in the Horror Movies.

Anushka Sharma has not played the role in this kind of movie before this. It is her first movie in this Genre. Even though this movie is the first debut of the director. He has given his best and it has been noticed that there exists a bright future for him in this film industry.

There are many characters in this movie. Anushka is playing the lead role in the Full Movie. Review teams has given review that it was not expected from that she will agape the whole world. She has shown extremely well acting skills of her in this film.

What is the Story of Hindi Movie Pari 2018 Full Movie?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Anushka Sharma was given a big challenge to act abnormal in this film. It does not mean that she was unhealthy/abnormal. This movie is all about the Fairytales. Fairytale is not as good as the name reflects. Plot of the Full Movie is all about the Efreet.

Efreet is commonly known as the son of Satan. This movie is about when in a state of the world progress of the generation of Aefrat has been progressed. Movie is all about the single character who is the daughter of the lady who was impregnated by the son of Satan.

This was the weird act of any Jinn. They prolonged their generation within the human bodies. Humans are giving birth to the Satans and they are killing the humans. Professors around the area came to know about the lady who gave birth to the daughter and it was analyzed by them because the lady was having fetus on her body.

Anushka sharma is playing the role of the daughter of the victim lady. Who was a sex ritual victim? Moreover, Anushka she was afraid of many things as she used to get her head into the tub full of water to keep her ears away from the sound of Azaan.

In the village there is the group of people who were doing research on the Aefrat and Jinns. They were leaded by a professor and they were killing the ladies who were impregnated by Aefrats and they used to kill their born babies.

This was an overviews of the Pari Full Movie. Actually, story of the movie starts from here. When the male lead character of the film Prambrata met her life partner on the roof top of her home. They were going to have an arranged marriage.

Both are having different careers in their life. While when he was coming back to his home from her fiancé’s house he was with his father. He got an accident on the road and in that accident he killed a woman. As the woman appeared on the road suddenly so he was not able to control the vehicle.

This is where his life took a turn. He was a loyal man and being noble he was not thinking of anything bad coming for him. Therefore, he thought to file this accident as a suicide case. It was found by inventing that lady was living in a nearby village. Even village’s name was already enough unknown and weird still he took the risk to go there.

When he reached her home he found Anushka Sharma chained there. He saw her with pity and he took her to the dead body of her mother. There she wept a lot and she was not able to control herself. Therefore, Arnab being honest was trying to support her.

When all of this was happening to the main characters of the Pari Full Hindi Movie 2018. In the meanwhile, a hunter who was once working for the professor discovered the body of the lady. He noticed the fetus on the body of the lady.

As it was a sign of the Jinn’s baby. Therefore, he thought it mandatory to inform this to professor. However, professor was already on the mission to kill such people. There they came to know about the daughter of the lady.

They tried to track her to her home and there they did not found Anushka Sharma, means the daughter of the dead body. Rukshanda being the part of this weird life was kept abused by many people since her childhood.

Therefore, she was a scared and not caring girl. She even did not bothered herself. It was strange for Arnab too but he did not bothered it much and he started giving attention to her. As Anushka Sharma was always alone and was having no friends so she was not enough expressive.

when she noticed the way Arnab gave her attention. Being half human she fell in love with charming boy. It was considered by professor might this game is not going to get any end. In the same time, he met an extra ordinary skillful lady.

Who was also supposed to born in the same condition. There they discussed the condition of Rukhsanda and they requested the lady to talk to her as if she won’t do so they can miss to protect Arnab and their generation will also be enhanced.

Ultimately, Anushka was playing the role of Aefrat’s daughter so she became greedy of blood one night and she stepped outside of Arnab’s home. There she killed the dog of neighboring house and she came back to home.

Professor was the man who was having ambition to kill this specie existing in the form of humans. He talked to Arnab and explained the things to him. He was not ready to believe him. Therefore, the hunter who informed professor about the existence of daughter of the dead lady followed him. He attacked him but Arnab got saved.

Rukhsanda was already in love with Arnab. She was not able to bear if anything can happen to him. However she got succeed in having sexual relation with Arnab. Next day, she went out again and killed the hunter who tried to attack Arnab. This was retaliation sign from her side.

As she had sex ritual and she was not pure human. She started changing her way of treating Arnab. It was clearly noticed by him and once she hang him by holding him from his neck. This was an exclamation sign for him.

He ran to the professor and told him the reality.In the meanwhile, Aefrat’s Daughter was going to give birth to another person of her generation. She told the reality of her pregnancy to her love. He became confused and confessed things to professor.

However, he went away from her and hide him into the old house where he spent his childhood with his parents. Lady Piyali who was waiting for Arnab to leave Rukhsanda and marry her when back to Arnab and told many things to him.

Where she admitted that she had a boyfriend. Their relation was that much closer that she had abortion of his baby. There the things came worse for her and both got separated. Rukhsanda was in need of blood and her love she went to Piyali’s home and attacked piyali there but she saved.

She was not saved by any person but it was an action of Rukshanda herself due to which Anushka did not killed Piyali. However, it’s known that Aefrat’s baby will fall out after one month rather than spending whole 9 months like humans. When Rukhsanda was giving birth to the baby Piyali being nurse was there.

Even she knew that she was going to kill her. On the other side, Arnab was looking for Rukhsanda as he wanted to safe Piyali. He was running to his home and then he went to Piyali’s home.
Rukhsanda gave her baby into the womb of Piyali as human’s breastfeeding is always required to the new born baby of Aefrats. Then she went to Arnab and told her that the baby she has given birth is no more of her generation. We were strongly in love with each other therefore the baby is human.

To sum up the substance, it can be said that Anushka has performed really well in this movie. Prosit Roy has given a good story to the Indian cinema after a long time. This movie was amazing for another reason as Anushka was the producer herself.

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Pari 2018 Full Movie Online Movierulz

Aiyaary 2018 Full Hindi Movie Online Movierulz Review – Released Feburary 16th 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Movies are the potential of any country. Now a days, there is no country in the world apart of peripheral countries where this industry has not got its influence. Most influential film industries are Bollywood and Hollywood. Then there is the long list of the industries working to entertain world.

Bollywood Movies are gaining more popularity day by day. It is not that Hollywood’s fans following is falling. But Hindi Movies are full of entertainment. These movies can be said as a complete entertainment package.

Movies like Aiyaary are not so much in numbers. This type of movies are always leaving a message and influence on the thinking of the watchers. As being viewer of Hindi Movies I can say that Aiyaari full movie is mind blowing release of this year.

The cast of the movie also matters. Rather there is no big name adjacent to this movie like Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan and many others. Manoj Bajpae has always presented a class in acting. So it won’t be wrong to say that he is not a big star. He has given the major role to play in the movie.

What is the complete story of Aiyaary 2018 Full Hindi Movie?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Now this is why all of the readers are here. They want to know that what has been done in this movie. I know there are two types of reader on this site. The one who have not seen the Full Movie yet and they do not want to waste their time.

Therefore, they want to know if the story is according to their taste on not. Second type of the reader is who have seen the full movie on the big screen but he is not able to understand the plot of the film. They may understand the characters better as they know who is who and what is what?

Let’s put lights on the theme of the film. First of all before reading this story set your mind that this movie is all about the Army. Indian Army in which politics has emerged and it turned into bad politics. Its officers are the prey of different ambitions and scandals are going to be announced there.

Let’s discuss the characters as there will be confusion for you people to memorize the names of the actors given in the film. Therefore, I have made it more easy for you.

Character 1 : Sidharth Malhotra Playing role as Major Jai Bakshi
Character 2 : Manoj Bajpayee Playing role as Colonel Abhay Singh
Character 3 : Rakul Preet Singh Playing role as Sonia Gupta
Character 4 : Adil Hussain Playing role as Retd. Colonel Mukesh Kapoor
Character 5 : Kumud Mishra Playing role as Retd. Lt. General Gurinder Singh
Character 6 : Naseeruddin Shah Playing role as Baburao Shastri
Character 7 : Anupam Kher Playing role as Tariq Ali
Character 8 : Vikram Gokhale Playing role as General Pratap Malik, COAS
Character 9 : Nivedita Bhattacharya Playing role as News reporter

There are many other characters and these are the important roles played in the film. It will be mentioned by character number in the whole story not with name of the actor of the character’s name.

Every Army of the state needs security and that planning which can help them to do covert projects against antagonistic states. Therefore, Character 8 of the film Chief of Army Staff gave plan to set a secret force unit. This group was not exposed to anyone in the army and in politics.

This group was not following the form of designations arranged by the army. Even the team was direct reporting to Chief of Army Staff Indian Army. It was his selection to choose best players in the team and he did so. At first he gave charge of the team to Character 2.

As he was colonel and he deserved more respect and authority rather than all other members of the team.

Character 2 was authorized to choose his team members and he opted seven best people of the army. Character 1 and character 3 were the first selected members of the team by character 2.He and his team did great job in few years and they vanished numerous plans of the enemy states and the enemies within the state.

It was Character 1 duty and skill to intervene the calls of the Army men. However, he was doing his job without hesitation and problem. One day unintentionally he overheard something and something was the conversation taking place between Character 5 of the film and character 8.

It was a telephonic call where character 5 was trying to bribe character 8. As COAS was a loyal person and he never did such act therefore he refused the offer. This act of character 8 was furor for Gurinder Singh therefore he threatened him by saying that he knows the reality of his secret DSD team.

He said that he will publicize this news that Army is running a hidden squad and that is only lead by Army chief and they are misusing Army funds for non-potential missions. As COAS was not the only who knew the truth and he was leading the team with permission of the ministers of the state.

As it was the concern of Defense Minister of the state therefore Character 8 asked to deal this matter together but Minister denied to help him in this matter and said that take care if the news will be leaked then things can get worse for Indian Army.

Character 1 is doing the hero act in the Aiyaary Full Movie. Therefore, he became curious about the system and he started violating rules and he heard the calls and recordings of every regarding person for next two months. Then he decided to go against the system and went rogue.

He was a young boy, was having brilliant computer engineer girl friend who helped him escape the state and start his own ambitions with her. Character 2 was leading DSD team and he was who selected Character 1 for this job.

When he came to know about the facts and reality of his going rogue he activated his resources to get to Jai as soon as possible. As he was having sensitive data of the DSD team and the Army.

After Character 1’s action he raided his home to get the proofs and know the truth behind his decision but there was nothing found helpful. Even he did not informed anything to her mother. At this time and attempt to get closer to character 1 was failed.

Character 5 knows about the team and the leader os the team therefore he sent a man for the hunt and to pursue character 2. Ultimately, he was a brilliant person therefore he escaped of the man sent by him. He ordered his team to change the location of their private office to keep all of them away of the trouble.

Army chief was necessarily to be changed for the Character 5 in the movie. He played a strategy by giving sensitive data about the Army Chief’s secret team of DSD and he told the journalist that there will be better Army Chief than him in future.

Character 8 was the man of words, he expected respect from the world because he was doing his job the best he can. He arranged a meeting with character 2 to let him know that the time has come to vanish DSD team.

As there was an arms Dealer in UK who was supporting Character 5 and he was making trouble for the Army. He said that if the news will be out of their private group working of which character 2 was leading he will be announced as the traitor of the state.

He along with his team member will be thrown into jails or might be out of the state. Character 2 means Manoj Bajpae was a brave man and he never thought of things to get this much worse. Still he was perturbed to say that he won’t let criminals to go their way.

He will stop all wrong doings and he promised not to compromise anything from the Army’s reputational point of view. In the meanwhile, he was again followed by the same person sent by character 5. He was once dodged by Character 2 but this time he did not bothered and informed his team that they have been compromised.

In short, Government will not allow their existence if they are exposed. Until situation is not under control they have to keep things lower.

When the team was having a meeting Character 2 received a telephone call from Character 1 in which both had war of words with each other. On other side, Follower sent by Character 5 became closer to the team but again he was fooled and he got failed.

Character 2 in the pursuit of Character 1 travelled to the concerned country means UK to check what is going on. Jai the character 1 was on to his purposes so he successfully threatened Character 5 and had money from him.

Moreover, Character 2 was in search of character 1 in UK therefore he met a middle man role played by character 7. He with his intelligent system tried to find Character 1 and character 3 but again Jai dodged them and told them to stay away from him and his girlfriend.

The bone of contention of all this was character 4 and character 2 was informed by character 8 so they met. Their character 2 revealed to character 4 that character 1 is the man who is having sensitive data about him and his plans and he can be proved harmful for both of them.

Character 4 was already a mean who was aware of the cleverness of character 2 but he was not left with any option and he opt to finish character 1 and get the data. In the meanwhile he received call from his team member who told him that character 4 was also an ex-colonel of Indian Army. Another good news was that character 5 was kidnapped by his team members.

Character 2 is a smart person he cannot afford his team to be outraged by any terrorist or group of God Fathers. Therefore, he by passed Character 4 and told Character 3 that where character 1 is going to meet Mi-6 Member he will be shot dead. Its better to take character 1 to his messaged place so they can have conversation.

That meeting end up with the death of Mi-6 officer but Character 1 got him saved but he as injured as bullet touched his arm. Somehow, he survived and met his girl friend and they both reached to the destination was set by Character 2.

At once character 2 beaten character 1 for his rogue act and then he heard the whole story that why he turned to be a traitor.

Things which were not clear to Character 2 were made clear by character 1 and he told him that he has a strong proof about what he is talking.

There he explained him the scandal of New Dehli and in code words he told him that character 6 is the victim of all these things. He gave him character 6 means NAsseruddin Shah’s address in India.

Character 1 saved him and he was kept safely in a hotel. To know the truth character 2 at once returned to India and took interview of character 6. Where he explained all of the follies found in Indian Army in his time.

What those devils were doing and what were their roles at that time. He made it clear to the DSD team leader that this system is over all corrupt and corrupted by whom.

Character 2 recorded the whole conversation and met the journalist who was already having evidences provided by Character 5 and he explained her that it’s her decision to publicize the content in which she found the truth.

She was ex-girlfriend of his so she understood that exactly what he was saying.

She heard the both recordings and she ended up by broadcasting the right news which was given to her by character 2.
To sum up the substance, it is not to wrong to say that Aiyaary Full Movie is a complete package of entertainment for the Army lovers and the politics promoters.

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Aiyaary 2018 Full Movie Online Movierulz

Hate Story 4 2018 Full Hindi Movie Online Review – Release Date 9th March 2018:

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Avenge is the worst process which ever takes place in anyone’s life. If we are talking about Bollywood Movies Online then it is not seen in those movies that Avenge has ever been separated with revenge.

Hate Story is the movie series which was started few years ago. Whatever the year was and does not matter what the cast of the movie was but direction of the story remained the same. In Hate Story Full Movie which was the first serial of this movie series released in 2012.

Plot of that movie was about a poor girl who was sexually exploited by her employer and she took the revenge of her life.

As far as the other two versions of this movie series are concerned. Both of them were depicting real life stories. At the end the money what matter the most to the humans. They forget about their relations and love lives. They entirely focuses on what is called success.

This movie when initially released gave new directions to the film industry. It was not a family movie. Even this movie was not allowed to be broadcasted by the central board of censor. After continuous amendments the scene were excluded from the Full Movie.

Erotic thriller was given the charm to the audience and movie did well on the box office. It was the first movie released after Raaz Full Movie which was a complete package of Erotic Thrill.

What is the story of Hate Story 4 Full Hindi Movie Online?

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List Best Movies 2018 Reviews Trailers

Movie is an Erotic Thriller casting the actress who was an item songs dancer. She has performed her first lead role in any Bollywood Movie.

Movie has many characters in it. Natasha is the lead actress of the film. Movie starts with a words fight of Tasha and Aryan. They are not boyfriend, girlfriend but they had intimate scenes with each other. Those scenes have been recorded in a video and has been anonymously shown to her through MMS.

She got shocked and fighting with Aryan to solve this matter. At the same time, Ihana Dhillon stepped in as she is the real girlfriend of the hero. He was not double crossing both of them but Rimsha became furor and she put gun on the head of Aryan.

However, Aryan tried to safe Natasha from being shot and collided with his girlfriend. Due to which she got killed. This was not something which was planned and thought by any of them.

Suddenly movie will go into the flashback when Aryan being son of the richest person of region introduced his girlfriend to his father in a perty.

He was working with his father in their company as his elder brother Rajveer was also acting as a managing director of the company. Therefore, he was given a task to find a model to advertise their latest product.

He was in search of an elegant lady. There he saw Natasha when she was drunk and dancing but she collided with two men. Rajveer tried to safe her of those bastards which impressed Natasha much and she accepted the offer of Rajveer to have a coffee with him.

When they were together she shared her aim/dream to become the super model which was not difficult for Rajveer to do. Rajveer’s girlfriend whom he left two months ago was not able to understand the gestures of his ex-boyfriend.

Rajveer was fully engrossed into the beauty of Tasha and he did not thought that his father was noticing him on the party. As he was trying to be an active politician therefore his father warned his younger brother that he should make Rajveer stop of what he is doing with the girl.

After few moments Rajveer went to drop Tasha to her home and he chided the purse of tasha to get her back to him when he wants. As she was coming back to the car she was followed by two men for whom Rajveer stepped out of his vehicle and beaten both of them.

When Tasha went inside Aryan’s brother gave them their compensation money because they were hired goons. Now the movie will again come to the present. When Rimsha was got killed by her own weapon.

She was supposed to be disposed as Aryan and his family was having a lot of reputation in the region. He convinced the lady to get inside the car to keep things smooth in their lives by throwing the dead body in the river.

When they were travelling to the valley where they were going to bury her. Tasha again started thinking of the things when they started with each other. Aryan’s elder brother was going to confess his love for Natasha.

Aryan jumped in and he proposed the girl by himself. He wanted to have intimate moments with her so he made her drunk and took her to his place. Where he did what he wanted to do with her. In the morning Tasha was not satisfied.

She wept and but Aryan told her to not to talk about this matter with anyone. At that time she got her Video through an anonymous source. This source was not sure but she was shocked so she left him but at that time start of the movie scenes got repeated when Rimsha got killed.

They throw the body but when Tasha was sitting in the vehicle she talked to the audience of the movie and she exposed that it was no one. As she was the only who could do so and he did it.

Now being audience or the viewer of the Hate Story 4 Full Movie. All of us came to know that who is playing the villain and hero but this was not the end of the movie. It was the interval of the movie.

Things were getting worse for Rajveer as he was falling for Tasha and Tasha was analyzing his previous life. She said that you have always used the ladies in your life as toys. On a party publicly he announced that he is in love with tasha and there was Aryan and his father were present.

However, Natasha went away and Rajveer followed her to her home and tried to confess for his love but Natasha rejected her proposal by telling him that she is not interested in him. His younger brother has already took her.

After few days both brothers fought each other and elder brother threatened Aryan that he is the murderer of Ashwin and Rishman.

Question arouse here that who is Ashwin?
He is the man who was killed by Aryan and Rajveer few years ago when they were drunk and trying to having fun with a girl. When Ashwin tried to protect her sister from these devils. They killed him and their father protected them by bribing Police and by threatening the girl who was the victim of this.

Ashwin was brother of Natasha and Rimsha was the fiancé of him. Both planned this to take avenge of Ashwin’s murder from this family. In the meanwhile, when the throwback scene was finished they were taken to the present and there Aryan killed his brother and buried him.
Again Tasha took advantage of this and revealed the truth to him.
Aryan tried to kill her too but he was unsuccessful and he was got arrested by the police. Ladies took avenge greatly. This is how movie came to an end.

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Hate story 4 2018 Full Movie Online Movierulz



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