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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

Hindi Movies are the only source to get Asian people entertained. There are many industries working in this region of the world. However, Movies which has been given to the people through this industry have never seen in any other film industry.

This film industry is working since many years. Genres are not limited in this industry. Most interesting and appraisable fact about Bollywood Film Industry is that industry has added a sign of difference from all other industries.

Item songs and songs within the movie was something new.Many movies which has generated business and broke the box-office records did business only on Songs basis. Comedy Movies were not so much funny in this industry.

Humorous jokes are always liked by the audience. When Punjabi Movies jumped into this Genre of the films. The trend of the Hindi Movies Cinema also got changed.

Movies with amazing stories have always stayed on top of the board.

Lets talk about the Sonu ke Titu Ki Sweety Movie Story.

Story of Sonu Ke titu Ki Sweety Hindi Fmovies?

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

There are three main characters of the film.
1): Sonu – Role Played by Kartik Aryan
2): Titu – Role Played by Sunny Singh
3): Sweety – Role Played by Nusrat Barucha

To make you people understand I can use the strategy by naming these characters. But it can create mess because it is only useful when there are many characters playing roles in the movie.

Story starts with Titu means Sunny Singh who was sad and crying for his girlfriend who left him without giving reasons. He was so attached to her and he was used to meet her and talk to her. They dated each other for two years.

He was a sensitive person and never dodged anyone. On the other hand, Sonu the man who can be compared as the Playboy was leading a superb life.

Both of them were Best Friends of each other. Even they spent all of the day with each other and went to their homes. After few years they started spending time with each other at same home and they were involved into each other families.

At the moment When Titu was crying for his girlfriend. Sonu started his strategy to distract him out of the memories of Pihu. He gave him time to think about the difference he had with his girlfriend. He made him understand that they were not the complete couple.

As Pihu was the lady who had different life style. Moreover, he proved to Titu that she was over possessive, its better to leave her on her own. As Sonu and Titu were the best friends and they took care of each other for many time.


Sonu gave time to Titu to think about his girlfriend and told him to think about sonu too.At the end, Titu became useful of the life and started forgetting her. After all his family was concerned about his life. As he was already done with his education, now it was time for him to get married.

After 5 months of his breakup his family got proposal of a family. All of them were discussing to arrange a meet up when Sonu and Titu reached home. There all of them discussed that what to do and when to do.

He was forgetting Pihu therefore he got ready to meet the girl his family was talking about. Yes! Sonu was concerned about his meeting and he said that I will go with you.When both families met on the decided place.

Sonu and Titu were together but When sweety turned to meet the family. Titu was in a shock and inspired by her looks. Both families were sitting together. Titu and Sweety were engrossed in each other’s looks.

At the same time, Titu’s mother asked Sweety’s parents to let two talk to each other alone. Her parents agreed and both left table to go outside of the restaurant. Sonu was curious about titu’s life and his decisions so he thought to step outside with them.

Titu’s mother stopped him by saying that there is no need to disturb their privacy.Couple started having conversation about likes and dislikes. Then Sweety asked Titu about Sonu’s concern and he started narrating his story.

He told her that they are together since childhood. They are spending amazing life. Sonu was so young when his mother passed away. Since then he is living with Titu’s family at his home.

His father is not living with him as he is Canada, so both of them are like brothers. During this he told her many things as he found her best for his life. Both had great chit chat and then families got back to their homes.

There was discussion going on in Titu’s family that all of them have liked Sweety. All of them were agreed now decision was given to Titu. On the same time, Titu was surfing Sweety’s Facebook Profile and there was little comedy added by the family members.

At the end of the discussion they decided to let both get married. But being part of the family it was important to know whether Sonu has liked her or not.Sonu was a conscious person he never took decision within few hours.

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He asked family to give him time to think about it. He started thinking about the facts and figures. He analyzed the personality of both and then he visited shop of Titu’s to let him know that he got agreed.

But to make him know he said that if you are doing this marriage to forget Pihu might this will not work. Titu said that its not about her, he liked sweety. They planned that they should not get married at once.

Therefore, they presented idea of traditional Roka.Sonu kept investigating but she was not able to find anything about her. Somehow he found that she was already going to marry someone.

Their marriage ceremony was postponed even their relation came to an end because Sweety is having few things in her. The things which cannot be bear by any quality man in Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety.

She is having a dominating personality it does not mean that she wants to dominate Titu’s business or property. She wants to dominate her role in the family. Even she had made a drama when she was drunk and due to all of these facts and reasons her fiancé left her.

This was a secret of her which was limited to her family. Sonu wanted to expose her reality in Moveirulzcinema therefore, he told all these things to the matriarchal member. She was not so innocent and old, but she was bold and strict about rules.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD Moveirulzcinema

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD Watchonlinemovies.pk

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD Online for free

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD 2018 Wikipedia

She did not ignored this but Sweety was a smart girl and she was already up with a plan and story to explain. She narrated her own story in front of whole family and this was a defeat for Sonu. Titu was not Furious but he felt that Sonu wants to degrade Sweety without any reason.

Therefore, he said that Sweety has already told me everything on the day first they met.As everyone was trusting Sweety and all of things were made clear by her. Sonu changed his mind about her and he started participating in Titu’s marriage preperations Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety.

First event of their life was Engagement of Titu and Sweety. When it was going to held, Sonu was standing in balcony watching out weather. Sweety came to him and there she said that you have tried to made me prove wrong and I have successfully done it.

If you think that you are the smart boy and you can make others believe that I am clever than they think then its too late. She declared that she is clever but it’s a challenge for Sonu to prove her wrong for Titu, She said that she is going to get Sonu out of Titu’s life forever.

Those scenes were shocking for the viewers that the innocent girl with killer looks has a sharp mind to fuck things up. From there the Watch Baahubali 2 Full movie took a turn in Sonu’s life. As he do not wanted his best buddy to be better half of the girl who will dominate the whole family and him within no time.

Titu’s Grandfather and His Grandmother’s Brother were two who knew the truth. Sonu exposed all of the Challenge scene to both of them and they also challenged him that lets see how much courage do you have? You will let the girl win or you can also do something.

Titu and asweety have got engaged to each other and they are now living together. Living together does not mean she has been shifted to his home. But she visits his home. She has started changing the way Titu lives his life.

She knew that Sonu is also the part of his living style and he will be effected by this too.Sweety somehow manipulated whole family to buy her new house. Sonu planned that by manipulating whole family during conversation he can expose reality of Sweety and can create a mess. But for that she was again ready and she tacked the situation easily.

Things were getting weird for Sonu as Titu was getting involved in Sweety’s life. Sweety already started her domination by telling Dadi of Titu about His Dada’s act of leaving vegetarian food at home. She exposed that he always take junk food non-vegetarian.

Sonu was not ready to accept his defeat and he planned to take Titu away from Sweety. Therefore, he took him to Amsterdam for the enjoyment for bachelors party. There he took him with the reason to meet Titu her ex-girlfriend.

Titu met Pihu there. They danced together and after having so much drink she went unconscious. Sonu asked Titu to take her to his hotel.They spent many days together and on return Sonu with planning took her to attend Titu’s Marriage ceremony.

There things were getting complicated for Sweety and she told the truth to Pihu that it is not possible for Sonu to get Titu and Pihu together. He is just using her to make his own win in Watch Jumanji Full Movie. Pihu got out of the scene and Titu for the first time warned Sonu in fury to stay out.

Ultimately, on the wedding day, Sonu said Titu with his wet eyes that he has to choose one whether its Sonu or Sweety. He understood that Sonu has never cried for anything since his mother has passed. If he is doing so, it means that she is wrong and Sonu is right.


Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

Movierulz is the platform where movies and latest celebrity news are updated within few minutes. Movies which are doing good business at the box-office are always promoted. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie is a comedy movie. It can also be counted as a family movie.

Family love, home based emotions and things which exists almost in every family is shown in this film. Movierulzcinema is rating this movie 8 out of 10 because this movie contains a story.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD Moveirulz

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD Watchonlinemovies

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD 123movies

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

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