Whenever we are talking about and writing about any movie. People love to read about the cast and the career of the Full Movie. However, Sanju is the movie which has made on the life story of the big Bollywood filmstar.

Sanjay Dutt is the man who has experienced numerous changes in one life. He has been spotted in the news and controversies for so long.

One’s story cannot be narrated exactly until the narrator does not know him completely. Rajkumar Hirani is the man who has directed the movie. Directors are the one who narrates the movie.

Who is Rajkumar Hirani?

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

He is the known Indian movies director. He was born on 20th November 1962 in a small city of Nagpur. He belonged to a Sindhi Family. Sindh is the province which was after separation went to the side of Pakistan.

He got his primary education from his native city Nagpur. He did his further education in commerce. His last degree relevant to the commerce was the graduation.

When he stepped into the Bollywood industry. He tried to work as an editor in the movies but he did not worked successfully in this. He was very fond of the films industry.

He faced many failures in his life and he did not lost hope. He started working as advertiser in the movies. It was not something of his taste. He always wanted to do something for which he was created. He thought that he is interested to create the movies.

He was sincere to this business. He took a break off from his advertisement job. He started working with the known director of that time. Vidhu Vinod Chopra was the man who found potential in him and gave him a break.

He worked there on the different Bollywood Movies projects. His very first project with Vinodh was 1942 a Love story which was not a big blocbuster.

Even though “Kareeb” Full Movie was also one of the list in which he did his job greatly. Apart of these little successful movies he got a breakthrough with big movie like Kashmir Mission.

Now, Mr. Hirani is known as one of the biggest director of Hindi Movies. He did his job brilliantly. Actually, his first project which was handled by him completely for the first time was Munna Bhai MBBS. This was the movie in which Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Dutt worked together in a movie.

This was the last movie of Sunil Dutt’s life. Moreover, it was a complete blockbuster. This movie broke all the records of the movies in which Sanjay Dutt worked.

After this great movie, he released another comedy movie which was called as the next version of the movie Munna Bhai.

Rajkumar Hirani became enough popular with his directed movies. He chose rare projects to direct in his career of the movies direction. After these two big hits he gave another massive comedy of big stars to the Bollywood Cinema which was 3 Idiots.

This movie was released in 2009. This movie broke all the records of that specific year. Even though at that time game of figures was started between the Khans. This movie broke all the box-office records of the Bollywood.

Rajkumar became famous for giving back-to-back hit movies to the industry. When he directed PK movie which was released in the year of 2014. This movie was having different plot than all other movies. It was a combination of Comedy and Thriller genre of the movies in movieruzcinema.

PK was again in which Aamir Khan was casted in the lead role and he performed brilliantly playing the role of Humanoid Alien.

Rajkumar has directed numerous movies in last 15 years and all of them were best than each other. His movies always had great story and the theme for the audience. People who watched his movies have learnt a lot from the society’s point of view.

Rajkumar after his last successful movie in 2014 was looking for another brilliant story. In the meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt got released from the jail.

He was sent there for the last time to complete his punishment to have illegal weapons.

When Sanju Baba got out of jail,his wife was hospitalized and was suffering from disease. However, Hirani called him and asked him to meet.

When Sanjay Dutt came to his home, Rajkumar was alone at home and he asked Sanju to explain how he spent his days in Jail.

This was the startup for Sanjay when he started explaining all the fluctuations of his life. Rajkumar became interested in his story and he started visiting Sanjay daily for more than 6 hours and he kept recording all the things explained by Sanjay Dutt.

HE spent 25 days with him and during this time he invited Abhijit Joshi(Writer of Sanju Movie).
Both of them started depicting the movie the way it was narrated by Sanju. On asking it was explained by Hirani that he has never heard such interesting biography of a person in his life.

He was happy with that he got something according to his taste. His way of thinking and developing the movies was entirely different of all other Hindi Cinema Directors.

Most of the time it has been seen that the movies are always developed to pay tribute to the legends. However, this story is about a living legend but commonly known as “Bad Boy”.

Sanjay Dutt is the bad boy and he has always made bad choices in his life. Therefore, in Sanju movie the only quotation spoke by Diya Mirza is Bad Choices Always Make Good Stories.

Best part of Rajkumar’s work and Sanju movie is that he always made decision in his life after the complete research of something. He started the research of Sanju’s life with the first step of meeting the Police officer who arrested him for the first time.

He met the lawyer and the Judge who made decision of his life. Even though he spent many days in the Supreme court to meet different people. In addition to this, he sorted out things in his own.

One’s complete life cannot be described in approximately 3 hours filmed movieHe summarized important things in
Sanjay Dutt’s life.

Sanjay Dutt and his life was not new to Rajkumar Hirani, he was already a fan of his from the movie “Vaastav”.

How Ranbir Kapoor got the Lead role in the movie Sanju?

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

Rajkumar Hirani explained things by himself. He told that in his editor machine. He started comparing the personality of Sanjay with the other people in his list. There he found one of the oldest images of Ranbir resembling Sanjay Dutt.

His of the old picture was ditto to the Sanjay’s looks in Munna Bhai MBBS. Moreover, Ranbir Kapoor has grown up as a big star of the movie. His acting skills have got polished with the passage of time.

He is one of the youngest most potential stars of the Bollywood film industry.

What is the story of the movie Sanju?

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

This movie is the story of the man who is not unknown to anyone. It does not matter from which region one belongs but people know him. There are many names given to one man. Even though that one man have led different lives.

He has lived different scenario in one life. He is the man who has not lost hope in his life. He is the man who belongs to a famous filmy family.
It does not mean that he belongs to a dramatic family but he is the man who had his father and mother both in the film industry.

Sanjay Dutt has faced numerous thing in his life. His life was never easy. Even though he had face many hurdles in his career, his father was a successful director but he did not managed to be a superstar in one go.

Still he proved himself to be the successful actor. Sanju is the actor who was not able to perform in the film industry on the regular basis. Still he is a big star as the talent of being big actor was somewhere hidden and given to him through his mother.

Movie started with the entry of the naked Sanjay Dutt, role played by Ranbir Kapoor. He was talking to the camera when the movie was started.

He was talking about the writer who recently tried to write a book for him. In the meanwhile he went through two of the pages of the book and he realized that the writer has tried to compare his life with Gandhi.

Writer did not wrote the book according to Sanjay’s expectation therefore he dragged him out of the TV Launch and took him to the taros where he burnt the book in front of him.

His wife Diya Mirza was sitting in the launch while she got a news from one of her friend to switch on the television. She tuned to the news channel and there it was broadcasted that Sanjay Dutt will be in prison for the next five years.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

When journalists and reporters asked the people about the views of this decision of the Court against Sanjay Dutt. People started abusing him and they called him a traitor/ terrorist.

Sanjay Dutt’s both children were watching the Tv but feelings abashed Diya took her children away. Sanjay Dutt was given the time of one month to surrender and court gave him time to finish the shooting of his current movies in which he was working.

Sanjay Dutt was left with no option to attempt a suicide. He did not found any other convenient option for him. He wrote a letter for his wife and children and went out to jump from the floor he was living.

His wife suddenly followed him and told him that this is not the solution of his problems. There she spoke the best dialogue of the movie. “Bad Choices Always Make Good Stories”.

She advised Sanju to find a good author who can write his story better and through this story they can let the world know that Sanjay Dutt is innocent.

His wife talked to the famous London based writer (Role played by Anushka Sharma). Sanju went to meet her and tried to convince her to write the book on his story.

She told him that upon her research of the topic she came to know that he is a criminal and she denied to write a book on a criminal.Sanjay Dutt somehow became successful to convince her to listen about his life once. She gave him time to meet her on 5 pm of the next day.

On the next day when she was jogging a man came to her and tried to manipulate her about Sanju. He gave her his contact number and shown her the injury he got from Sanjay’s hit.

However, Anushka was a smart writer and a human. Therefore, she went to meet Sanju at his home where she was welcomed by his wife. They talked to each other.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

Most interesting thing about this scene was that the man who met her in the jogging park told her that if you will ask Sanju about the number of ladies he has slept with, he will not speak the truth.

She asked Sanju the same question man raised in her mind. Sanju respond in the positive way and he said that I have slept with approximately 250 girls.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

There Anushka raised a question about a man who met her in the jogging park. From there the real life story of the past of Sanjay Dutt was started.

He told her that he was shooting his first movie “Rocky” under the supervision of his father Sunil Dutt. He was not able to perform according to his father’s expectations. During shooting he smoked cigarette which was given to him by his friend.

He was disappointed because his father scolded him in front of the whole crew of the movie. He thought that hi father wants him to be perfect but he is not. Taking advantage of this scenario his friend Zubin told him to have drugs.

This was the first time when he had such thing and he was not able to control himself. When on the next morning he came back to home he met his father on the dinning table.

His father told him about the news of her mother, she was suffering from cancer. She was pretending in front of him to be fine.
His father and mother left for the UK to have treatment of the cancer. Before all of this an interesting scene was added. Where Sanju dialed to his girlfriend Ruby and he asked her to awake her father.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

Basically, Sanju wants have Vodka from his father. Where Ruby and her parents thought that Sanju came to ask for her hand. Confusion resolved when he drank a glass of vodka with soda.

Ruby got away of her due to this Rubbish act of Sanju.

When his parents went away, he was all alone and his friend Zubin started giving him other kind of drugs. He was not having idea what was going on. He was totally into the drugs.

On the other hand, her mother went into the comma state. His father called him to US to spend sometime with his mother.

When he went there he was standing out of his mother’s room in the hospital where he found a person who went into his mother’s room. He caught that man and asked him what he was doing there. Man told him that he just went to put there God’s statue besides her, so she could recover quickly.

Sanju was having no company and he found this man of his interest therefore he took him to the club to have some fun. It was not allowed to enter in the club without wearing jacket.

Sanju was having jacket but he bought from another visitor for $50 for Kamlesh. They had drinks there and suddenly Sanju started taking drugs. However, that club did not allowed to have drugs openly. Therefore, they tried to call cops but Kamlesh tried to manipulate them and they let both go away.

Kamlesh was a religious person he fought with Sanju for this act. Kamlesh was getting away from him but Sanju said him that true friends do not leave friends if they are doing something bad.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

Kamlesh came back to him and took promise from Sanju to not to touch that bullshit again. In this way KAmlesh became the important part of life for him and his family.

Soon her mother was out of comma but she was not fine she was having less time in her life. Sanju thought to get married to Ruby when he will land. He went to her home where he got to know that she was getting married soon.

This was another shocking news for him. Due to which he started to have drugs again. He told all of the fact to his friend Kamlesh who was buying his first car. He postponed his purchasing and came to India.

He went to Ruby and tried to convince her that Sanju loves her more and the way she expects. She got angry to meet him in the court to get married to him.

Sanju was not in his senses due to drugs he did not reached to the court on the given time. Even when Ruby came to talk to her he disgraced her by putting commode’s head in her neck as Manglasutar.

She felt so disgraced and she left but she left by saying Kamlesh that do not tell her what he did to me. He won’t be able to face himself again.

Kamlesh played the eminent role in Sanju’s life. He went to Sunil Dutt to talk about the problem his son was facing. He requested Sanju’s father to give little attention to him.

His father talked to Sanju but he was not agreed to go Rehab Center in America to help himself getting out of the trouble he was facing. He spent many days with his mother in the hospital but he could not resist of the drugs and took a doze.

When he did so, he was not in his senses but his mother called him to her and he went to her stretcher but she got passed away. There they made her body burnt but she left the letter for her husband and son Sanju that do not stop the premier of the first movie “Rocky”.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

He was feeing the deficiency of his mother. He was trembling due to having no drugs. So, Sunil Dutt took him to the Rehab Center America.

Doctor was agape to see that Sanju was the man who was checking all the possible drugs a man can take. Even he was thinking that if it is possible for someone to survive after being addicted to such drugs.

His training got started but it was getting difficult for him to survive without taking drugs. He tried to escape the center and he clearly mentioned that he was having no friend of his in the US.

Kamlesh was the only one who could help him but he was 2200km away from him. Sanju was a crazy person therefore he did not thought about the consequences and started walking towards his friend.

Few days his clothes were clean and he managed to have lifts but after few days he looked like a beggar. According to his looks he took benefit and begged money to the people on the road. When he got enough money to bear the wages of bus.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

He went to his friend’s home where he met his father and both drunk alcohol together. There his father shared the content of the cassette her mother recorded in the last moments of her in the hospital.

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He became emotional and went back to the Rehab center and continued his training and got recovered of the disease he was facing. He was no more addicted to the drugs.

When he came back to his home in India. His friend Zubin was waiting for him outside. He met him and again his friend tried to give him drug but he denied by saying that you give me your packet to taste the drug.

As it was proved there that zubin was making him fool, he was taking glucose instead of drugs and making Sanju a drug addict.

Sanju beaten him and told him to stay away of his life. This was the moment where the flashback of the story was done. Anushka came to know about half of the story of the person who was declared as the terrorist by the state.

She got ready to write the book for him. When she left she called Zubin to disgrace him. But Zubin being a traitor again manipulated her by saying that you are helping a terrorist.

If you do not believe me then ask his best friend Kamlesh. Writer tried to talk to KAmlesh over the phone but he disconnected the call. Anushka’s curiosity was enhanced so she landed to US to meet Kamlesh.

There Kamlesh started narrating his story for the Sanju. He said that I have not met him from the last 20 years because RDX filled truck was found in the garage of Sanju.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

Flashbak of the movie was started where Kamlesh was travelling to India sleeping in a plane. He came to meet his girlfriend pinky.

Kamlesh got enough drunk he could not resist himself to sleep. But Sanju being big bad boy slept with his girlfriend in the night .

When it was explained to Kamlesh in the morning he started beating Sanju. In the meanwhile, the phone rang, which was when turned on the speaker by Kamlesh. They heard a threat to murder his father and rape his sisters. A stone was thrown of the window to confirm the level of threat.

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Both friends ran to Sunil Dutt to stop what he was doing. Sunil Dutt refused by saying these cowards cannot do anything of mine.

At that time Sanju became curious about his family due to which he contacted few people to give him gun for his family’s protection.

Someone reported and he was arrested when he returned from the shooting of his movie. Kamlesh retuned back to his friend and he was then told that he has made confession.

Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

He spent more than 6 months in the jail to get bail but he did not got any response from the court to release him. He made himself injured by striking his head to the wall.

He was taken to the hospital.From now things were getting complicated for him because he just kept weapon for the protection but law charged him as TADA and declared as the state’s terrorist.

His friend Kamlesh who spent most of the time of his life with him did not understood Sanju.

He left him for ever even though when writer came to know about the reality which was told to her by Kamlesh she got a shock. She sent an email to Sanju’s wife that she won’t be writing the book for her husband.

At the same time, Sanju got behind the bars. He faced numerous things over there. But he did not lost his hope and managed to record the story of his father and the other things happened to him. He explained the time when he worked with his father in Munna Bhai MBBS.
Sanju Movie Review Sanjay Datt Biopic(One man many lives)

People were happy to see his and his father performing together in a movie. Even though he got best comic role award for this movie. His father passed away. However, she got agreed to meet Sanjay Dutt in the jail.

In the jail Sanjay told her to bring Kamlesh out of the wall of the jail where he was able to connect the car through the radio frequency. He explained the whole situation due to which people called him Terrorist.

He told that his friend misunderstood him actually things were different at that time. There he requested his friend to be there when he will be exculpated by the court.

Sanjay’s wife along with writer and Kamlesh reached to receive him and there writer gifted her the book which she wrote about Sanju.


This movie gave a great message of being brave and not losing hope in any condition of the life. Moreover, Sanju Movie real bad role of journalism has been depicted.

Overall, movie was great. Ranbir Kapoor has presented as per the requirements of the movie. He has fitted into all the roles which suited to him in the real life story.

Sanju is an inspirational story of an inspiring person. He is the man who has live weird life but he has faced the world and the trouble surrounded him.

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