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Kaala 2018 Tamil Bollywood Full Movie Review Movierulz

Kaala 2018 Tamil Bollywood Full Movie Review Movierulz

Rajnikanth is a great star. He is the real hero of Tamil, Nadu Films industry. People are great fans of him, like they are worshipping him. In addition to this, Kaala is a movie which has been considered as the sequel of the movie Kabali.

Inititally, it was thought that movie won’t be released because it has worst issues in it. Now, things have got changed because theme of the movie has been decided. When Kabali Movie was released in 2016, after its success.

Producer of the movie announced that he has signed another big movie with Rajnikanth.It is better to let you people know about movie Kabali first.

What is the story of Kabali Movie 2016 Movierulz Review Online?

Kabali Movie is a Hindi Movie got released in Tamil language. Basic theme of the movie is based on the gang wars. Actually! Rajnikanth is playing the role of a Don of a gang. He has got behind the bars without clarification of the crime.

He was accused for the crime of which he was victim by the other gang himself.He got released after 25 years. But the story before these 25 years he spent in jail is tragic. Villain of the movie is named as Tony.

He is the man behind all the troubles and problems he is facing. It is noteworthy that Rajnikanth (Kabali or complete name Kabaliswaran) was a leader of the gang. He was leading the biggest gang of the criminals when his wife got killed and he sent to the jail.

It has been heard by all of us that power is something for what a person can cross the limits. This has been seen in the movie. Let’s talk about the characters of the movie first to make readers clearly know who is who and what is what?

What is the Cast of the Tamil Movie Kabali 2016 Movierulz?

1. Kabali – Rajnikanth – Lead Role – Don in the Movie – Real Name in Movie Kabaliswaran
2. Kamudha – Radhika Apte – Concerning Role – Wife of Kabali – Known as Kumudha
3. Loganathan – Mime Gopi – Role of Kabali Enemy – Drug Dealer – Known as Loga in the Kabali Movie
4. Tamizh Kumaran – Kalaiyasaran – Supporting role – Shooter/supporter – Known as Kumaran
5. Ameer – John Vijay – Kabali’s Friend – Reformist – Known as Ameer
6. Tamilnesan – Nassar – Previous Don – Grandfather of Kumaran – Known as Don
7. Veerasekaran – Kishore – Tamilnesan’s Gang’s Part –Conspirator – Known as Veera
8. Velu – Amarendran – Supporting Role – Henchman of Veera – Known as Velu
9. Yogi – Dhansika – Supporting Role – Daughter of Kabali – Known as Yogi Kabali
10. Tony Lee – Winston Chao – Villain of the movie kabali – Known as Tony in Kabali

So above is the list of all the characters which will play pivotal role in the movie. All of them can be discussed in the story of the film therefore, they have got mentioned.

Let’s start talking about the plot of the film. Rajnikanth got released after 25 years or prison. It was not his fault for which he got behind the bars. Actually! He was betrayed. When he got released he got back to the seat which he left as Don.

He started taking charges of the cities and started checking the conditions around the underworld.Loga was one of his first target to eradicate. He was the man who insulted Kabali’s wife. He said that his wife should be sold for the prostitution.

Being Don Kabali never shown mercy but he was madly in love with her wife. These words of his made him furious and Kabali killed Loga. Moreover, with this event he realized that it is a misunderstanding of his. Might his wife is still alive.

He was thinking about all of these things suddenly he got shot by Kumaran. Somehow he survived that shot and went back to his home. He was not in the mood to fight back at that time. Or it can be said that he was not prepared for it at all. He did not know that this attack was done by Kumaran.

Next day his best friend Ameer invited him to the event of the Free Life Foundation School. This school was lead by Ameer but founded by Rajnikanth, he developed this project for the nourishment of criminal childs.

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There they were promoting the education and they were reforming the minds of the children who were in to the criminal activities. Tamilnesan was the trainer of Kabali. He started narrating his past story in the school’s event.

Kumaran went there to kill him. Kumaran knew that his father Tamilmaaran has been killed by Kabali.Kumaran was listening to Kabali’s speech. He said that Veera was the person who killed Tamilnesaan. Rather he was the part of the Gang and working for Tamilnesan but he never liked the principals of his. Veera was in support to promote drugs and prostitution.

However, Tamilnesan got killed and Don’s charge was to taken by someone. Rajnikanth the most trained and was like a person deserves to take the charge. He took control of the Gang in his hands.Tamilmaaran was not sharp and smart but he was a daring man. Veera always wanted to destroy the Tamilnesan’s gang.

He manipulated Tamilmaaran to understand that being sin of Tamilnesan , it is his first right to take charge of the Gang. He said that he should be the leader, he deserves to be the leader, rather than Rajnikanth.

Tamilmaaran got into the manipulation of Veera and he decided to take things back from Rajnikanth. He invited Rajnikanth along with his wife who was pregnant with 6 months for the inauguration of a temple.

When they reached there it proved to be a trap for them. Veera along with other goons confronted Kabali and Kamudha.Kabali was brutally beaten by the gang and his wife was shot by one of Tamilmaaran’s men.

Kabali did not bear this betrayal, therefore he killed Tamilmaaran for this act. Kumaran was so young at that time, was not able to understand the situation. But he noticed that Rajnikanth has killed his father.

Therefore, in the form of avenge he tried to kill him and right now he was sitting with a gun to kill in the crowd.However, Kabali told that his wife got killed with her daughter. Kabali was sent to the jail for being responsible of the massacre took place at temple.

All of these things made Kumaran realized that whatever Kabali done was not his own doing.Tamilmaaran’s act forced Kabali to decease him. When Kumaran realized that he is the not the man behind all of these things.

He went to kabali and submitted himself. He apologized to him and told him that Velu knows everything about his wife, might she will be alive or dead.They went to Thailand to meet Velu about Kumaran told that he is the person who knew everything about Kabali’s wife.

Kabali and Kumaran reached to the destination where Velu was hidden. Confronting Kabali he got frightened and he told kabali that his daughter is alive. At the same time, she got attack by Yogi, his daughter but she was trained by Velu and was given instructions by Veera dna Tony to kill Kabali.

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When they confronted each other, Yogi could not resist his father and she told him about her reality.Yogi told her that her mother , Kabali’s wife is also alive and she is spending life with anyother Mallu family in the town. Both of them approached her and met her.

This was the happiest moment of Kabali’s life. Actually! This was the happiest moment of Kabali Movie. They spent few good days together as a family when Tony and Veera attacked them. Kabali along with his family escaped the Puducherry and reached back to Malasiya.

There he came to know that his best friend Ameer has got killed by Tony and they are chopping other gangs to declare Gang 43 to be the only gang remaining in the underworld. Even though he and his men destroyed the free life foundation school of Ameer.

This was something which made Kabali decide to finish both of them. They attacked tony and Veera on the veent of birthday celebration of an old Don. They means Yogi, Kumaran and Rajnikanth killed Tony and Veera and movie got tragic end for Tony and Veera, whereas happening end for the Kabali and his family.

What is the story of Kaala Full Movie 2018 Tamil Movie Review?

Kaala considered to be the sequel of Kabali Movie. Therefore, the story of the previous version of this movie has been narrated above. Now, it is the time to talk about the Bollywood/Tamil Upcoming Movie 2018 “Kaala”.

Before the making of this movie, Rajnikanth was busy in making his Science Fiction based movie going to be released this year. 2.0 Movie will be a blockbuster as expected from Rajnikanth. movierulzcinema story got little twist when son of gangster Haji Mastan warned producer of the film. This warning was not about the business, he was threatened to not to include the story or biography of Haji Mastan.

Even Rajnikanth decided to not to go with the previous version of the story. Later in the news it was confirmed by Rajnikanth and Producer of the Movie Kaala that movie is based on a person who became criminal at early age. He will become the strongest don and he do not have any concern with Haji Mastan’s gang.

When promotional poster of the movie was released it seems like again Rajnikanth going to be the hero of the people. Why always it happens to the heroes that if they are playing role of a Don, people love them. If they are fighting against the Don, people hates Don. I mean ultimately hero is hero in every condition, in the end of every Tamil Movie.

As far as the cast of the movie is concerned. It was announced initially that Rajnikanth will be seen on silver screen with Vidya Balan. She is a hot star and might she will look nice with Rajnikanth. People admired them to be the couple on screen. Later the news got change that Huma Qureshi is the one who will be playing leading role.

Yet, it is not confirmed that she is the lead actress of the film. As Easwari Rao is also in the cast of the film. It has been in the news that she is the wife of the Kaala in the movie. Whereas, it is a narration that Huma will be playing the role of her Girlfriend. It is not decided yet, she will be his ex-girlfirend or contemporarily handling his emotions.

Nana patekar will be playing the villain’s role in the movie. He will be seen in the role of a corrupt politician and I think this is the most suitable role to his personality. I always admire to watch him in politician’s role.

In addition to this, Anjali Patel has also announced her appearance in the movie. It is not sure that she will be playing positive or negative role in the movie.

What is the Cast of Kaala Movie 2018 Online Movierulz?


• Rajinikanth
• Nana Patekar
• Huma Qureshi
• Eashwari Rao

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Kaala 2018 Tamil Bollywood Movie Online Bollywood Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD

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