Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

Winter Is Coming Full Episode Online Game Of Thorne

Game Of Thrones Episode one is the start of the HBO’s most famous television series.This series is going to explain the relation of 8 different families from different states for one Iron Throne.Winter is Coming is the first episode in which there will be three families will be exploded at first.Westerous,Pentos,North and King’s Landing these aare the places which will be broadcasted in this episode.As in the westerous,Game of Throne will be revealing each and everything about Lord Eddard Stark’s Family who is the ruling the Winterfell Kingdom amongst all 8 kingdoms.In which they are going to explain about his wife his sons and daughter.Every character as the family of NED Stark is interesting.Whether he is Robb Stark the eldest teenager son of Winterfell king while she is the Sansa lady who is the prettiest elder daughter of Catelyn Stark.Whereas three other cute children are there in his lovely family.Everything was smooth for his family untill he got the news of attack from the Night’s watch.Therefore,he set his illigimate son to go to the wall to defend his landing from the unknown forces.It was a competition to decide whether ROBB stark will go or Jon Snow but as Jon was having much experience and was having alot of training.He was sent to beyond the wall.On the other hand,there is another family named as Targeryan in which there are only two members,one sister and brother.

Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

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Who are the children of previous Games of Thrones westerous King.They are living in the Pentos,where The son wants to regain the position of his father.He wants to do everything to achieve the goal of Game thornes.Therefore,he is making a deal with the leader of unbeatable force of dothrakis that he will marry his sister with the leader and in return the “Khal Drogo” has to help him with his huge and powerful army to get Iron Throne.English Movies are always cosidered to be showing off the record things which does not exist in the world naturally.However,writer of the series said that he got this from the inspiration of a game of thrones book.Daenerys the pretty lady’s role played by the heart of queen in this era “Emilia Clarke”,she got celebrated due to her character in the game of thrones.She has been doing whatever her brother said her to do,while after marriage she was used badly and Khal Drogo was not having sense of making love.He always treated her like a bitch.Moreover,on her marriage with the man from which she was scared alot she got gift of three eggs of unborn dragons.Game of thrones season 4 will reveal the dark truths of these and many ther families for which one have to keep watching all episodes of game of throne.

Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

In the King’s Landing there is the most political influence of the epsidoe,where the Queen Cersei who is married to the King Robert for the fame and making her “LAnnister” family to get more strong politically.She annd her brother killed the hand of king which role is played by Jhon Arryn.He was killed due to the secrets he knew about Cersei and his brother Jamie.It was known to the lannisters that they are twin sister and brother so they have different love rather than other sisters and brothers.Cersei loved her brother the most and they are just with the dead body of the hand of her husband are discussing,what if there secret was revealed to the poeple and the king.Robert is having cersei as her second wife from her he is having two prince and one princess.While his old wife also has three children,and his wife was the sister to NED Stark.Apart from the King’s landing the murder of Jhon Arryn news was sent to the winterfell to call Ned Stark to investigate about the murder.These are the basic things which happened in the game of thrones season one episode 1.Movierulzcinema is working extremely passionately to make poeple watch Movies Online easily.Games of throne full series and all episodes will be available here free.

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Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Episode 1

What is the Cast of “Game Of Thrones Episode 1 2016 English Full Movie HD Movierulz”?

Director Name:

Tim Van Patten

Writers Name:

Guest Stars:

Donald Sumpter,
Jamie Sives,
Ron Donachie,
Joseph Mawle,
Roger Allam,
Dar Salim
Jhon Standing

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