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Hollywood movies always shown something different to the audience.Everyone has expected something very different from this film industry and they have always done more than expectations.Epic fantasy movies are just their passion.No other industry ever shows those movies and fantasies which we have seen in English Movies.Moreover,if we look over the budget of the movies no movie of other industries have ever reached to same budgets and grossing amounts.They have made dreams come true.They have shown games which children or adults play can be the part of life.

What is the Story of “Warcraft”?

Every one of us get curious before the release of any movie.As we have seen warcraft trailer.We will go in to depth of the scenes and the things we will see in the online trailer.As it have never happened that teaser or the trailer of any movie has beenn released on the premier level.Its always foound on internet by original makers of the film.Therefore,first of all must watch warcraft trailer which could help you to understand which kind of movie this is.In addition to this,movie which takes more time to complete it will have something serious in it.As this movie took such time and its director “Duncan Jones” is expecting a blockbuster in the world.This movie is between two type of species shown in game “Warcraft”,One is the orcs while the other one is human.Everyone is fighting to save their own norms,families,people and world.Which has been divided into two by both of these species.In this film they are going to fight each other and during fight they are going to come to know about the different faces of the people belongs to them.

What you will see in Warcraft Trailer?

Warcraft was the game which had three parts.Released in three different times but this movie is said to be the begining which means there are going to be other parts of the film are going to be released soon.Here in the “Warcraft trailer” you will see what kind of orcs are shown in the film while how they looks like and how there worlds looks like.Who are their enemies and who are they going to defeat in the series of the game or movie.

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What is the Cast of “Warcraft”?

Director Name:

Duncan Jones

Writers Name:

Chris Metzen


Travis Fimmel ,
Paula Patton,
Ben Foster,
Toby Kebbell,
Ben Schnetzer ,
Robert Kazinsky,
Daniel WuRuth ,
Rates : 1