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Its a great friendship movie.Its always a dream of a person to live a life which makes him/her different from all others.While in English Movies i always noticed this point that their diectors show the thing which others have done before.In additon to this,Movierulz is the only platform where the online movies are always live when the people are demanding the film.The movie which we are going to discuss today here and watch it free here is based upon the story of a man.This is the first comedy movie which has been written by four different writers.It should be that ways because this kind of comedies rarely found in film industries.However,this can also be called a christmas movie.

What is the Story of “The Night Before MovieRulz”?

As i have mentioned in the previous paragraph of the article that this movie is based on the christmas day event.According to my thought this movie should be out on christmas night celebrations.As this kind of movie is going to increase the fun on that day but its release already scheduled on 20th november 2015.The Night Before is the theme name of the movie as this is the day when the lead hero of the film Ethan is going to have a baby and his friends are prior to celebrate this night for the very last time.As its our common perception with the children birth parents extremely change in their lives.Therefore all three friends want to celebrate the night and there is another storng reason for their celebration.Ethan’s mother father passed away in his early age therefore both of his friends supported him oll-over his life.They celebrated each christmas night togather.

What you will see in The Night Before MovieRulz Trailer?

Set Rogen is the man on which this movie has been casted no doubt he is not the only man all other cast also been included but the point to tell you that he is the man with extreme passion love and desire for his friends.His last movie “The Interview” was an extreme inspiration for the journalists who watched this Movie online.However,this time in “The Night Before” teaser of the film it has clearly shown that Seth Rogen and both of his friends are gonna rock the floor by thier great performance on the frindship,britherhood,neighbourhood and everything they have broadcasted in the movie.

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It is an understood thing that i am going to write the good words about the platform where you are studying this article but the thing i would like to let my readers know that why i am writing good words and how these words match to the platform.There aare number of the websites which are working on the same topic as Movierulz and they are not providing sufficient material as Movierulz Cinema is doing.In addition to this,to watch Online Movie there is dailymotion and youtube while many other website but the material which you are going to get there is restricted they are not providing full Movie.

What is the Cast of “The Night Before”?

Director Name:

Jonathan Levine

Writers Name:


Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Seth Rogen,
Anthony Mackie,
Rates : 0