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Top Movies are getting the continous attention from all over the world.Actually,things are not the same for all Movies.In the old times, there was a very much known scope of the Hindi Movies.There stories at that time were so different and heart catching.With the passage of time interest of the people diverted because of the multiple movies industries.In addition to this,there are many of them who moved upward due to their uniqueness in their content while some of them had little fluctuation.Kids Movies are a question mark for every film industry.This is the kind of the movies which are supposed to be only for the specific age of children.English Movies in the intial days never considered to be the movies which can be seen by every age content.But when time spent of two decades almost the concepts and time era Entirely got changed.Due to the adult content getting common day by day.There does not exist any specific difference in between children and senior citizens.However,Action Movies never shown that kind of things which can be said as prohibted for any specific are age viewers.Horror Movies are most prohibted for the people who have heart disease.Actually,the people who cannot bear the sudden things happening around them and the same case with the children.They try to adiopt everything they see in Movies Online.Movies to Watch Online was not a very much famous process in the past two decades.With the advancement in the technology and the phones which came up with Android or many other user-friendly operating systems.This Latest Technology made the Movies Now Playing easy accessible for the Entertainment lovers.Full Length Movies were not available online in ay store of any operating system there was not any proper application for such purpose.However,there does not exist any proper Celebrity News portal online for free.So with the change in technial things there cam a big inflation in the film industries.There business might went on decreasing but the things which were not to be liked in the past is the part of the present.Streaming Movies became much more easy with online application and free websites who might have content rights or not but they are entertaining enough to the people.Movies Theaters are the big reasons in my sense that if the movie which is not having enough good trailer for the Upcoming Movies 2016 they cannot captivate the audience.However,they should make efforts to let the Movie Trailer released much more time before the movie release.It will make people develop their interest towards the coming film.This trend is now getting better as it has been clearly noticed that he Trailer videos which have been seen by the audience on the platform like "Youtube" have made a great business after its release.Moreover,Movies Trailers Showtimes a word heard by someone saying the past few weeks.Do not remember exactly who he was but anyways this is not a big deal.Why i am writing about it?Because he asked that is it all about the times.Yes! at first i was also got confused that what do you mean by this but his meaning were to point out Movies Times.