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102 Not Out Full Movie Review Watch Online Download Stream

What is a comedy Film?

Genres of the movies are very choosy. People means audiences or the watchers of the movies are always looking for the variety of the films. Movies developed by the Indian cinema are always confusing in their Genres.

If the people have went to cinemas to watch any comedy movie. They won’t be watching a complete funny movie at all. Moreover, Bollywood Movies are more specifically concerned with star cast of the film.

There is a trend and continuous thoughts about Hindi Movies that if a movie is starring big stars of the industry then there are chances for the movie to be the blockbuster. It has been perceived that the movies with big star cast will make a record which has been seen in the Bollywood’s box-office in last few years.

Moreover, pre-release of the movies where teasers and trailers of the movie are broadcasted to the people are working very well for the audience as well as for the producers of the movies. In addition to this, there are many movies in which Amitabh bachan has tried to play a comedy role but people denied to accept him as a comedian.

They are always up to watch him in the role of ”Shehnshah”. He is being in the role for the longer. He has been seen in the Action Movies or political movies like Sarkar.

This time it has been considered that he has got retired from all the movie genres in which he was best. Now he can do whatever he wants to do. If his film will be a success it will be additional points to his fame. Otherwise, he is already enough known to the world for his acting skills and tremendous attitude towards others.

What can be seen in the trailer of the movie 102 not out?

102 not out name of the movie reflecting that there is a player who is standing on the pitch after his century. This figure is also confusing the people with the actual theme of the movie. Cricket lovers are considering that it is relevant to their interest. Yes! If they are interested in Amitabh Bachan’s acting skills then this film is for them. Otherwise, it does not have any concern with cricket or sports.

102 not out movie trailer starts with entry of the both lead characters of the film. Where Amitabh Bachan is disguised as too old person who is explaining about the world’s oldest man. He wants to break his record. He said that he survived for hundred and ten years. Amitabh Bachan told his son that he is 102 years old now. It means after eight years he can break the world record.

Movie does not seems to be comedy from the trailer of the film but it gives reaction like an absolute boring movie. There will be little funny moments as his son was already 75 years old. He was ready to accept the fact that he has become older now.

His father said that yes you have become older so this is the time for you to move to an old house. As being together you won’t let me win this record. Rishi Kapoor is playing son’s role and he is confused with the behave of his father.

It is commonly believed that when person gets older than 60 years he starts behaving like a child. It has not be seen that a person who has exceed the age of 100 years still acting like a young man. In the trailer Amitabh will be dialing phone to different old houses for the admission of his son. He wanted his son to get admitted over there.

When this strategy of his did not worked then he planned something different. He proposed his son to write a love letter to his wife. This love letter was the part of his plan. He thought that he can made his son and wife together so he can live alone.

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In the movie the activeness and smartness of Amitabh Bachan has been shown where he was playing football with the young boys and he was playing like a young boy himself. He was so great in his performance in the trailer of the movie.

102 not out turned to a tragic movie when its trailer have few scenes from the movie. Where Rishi Kapoor is scolding his father for the childish acts. He warned his father to stay out of all foolish things otherwise, he is going to drag him to the court.

What is the story of the full movie 102 not out?

102 Not Out Full Movie Review Watch Online Download Stream

Bollywood Movies are always engaging the audience in something new. It’s been so long since when the different type of movie was not seen on the silver screen. Big stars like Amitabh Bachan and Rishi Kapoor were not starred together. Starring big stars together in a single movie with variant role is a trend.

This trend is introduced by Hollywood Movies like Avengers series. There are big actors playing different roles in the same movie. Those movies are breaking the world records of the box office.

Even though with the emergence of social medias. Movies are getting audience from all over the globe.However, 102 not Out is a good movie to watch. There is love between father and son. There are less movies in the Hindi Cinema where Amitabh has been seen with any other big star.

Both of them have played their role really well. They are doing a great job.

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102 Not Out Full Movie Online Bollywood Movierulz (2018) downloads?

102 Not Out Full Movie Online Bollywood Movierulz Online 2018 online?

102 Not Out Full Movie Online Bollywood Movierulz Online 2018 Wikipedia?

Plot of the movie will be all about the target of Amitabh bachan which he will set to achieve. This is due to which he will make fun of his son. There will be something of emotions in the film. Actually it can also be listed in the Drama Genre of the movies.

Two of them were filmed together 25 years ago in the movie Ajooba. That movie was not at all comedy or drama but this time they are going to break the record. This movie is based on the Gujrati stage show which is directed by Saumya the man who is the great mind behind the scenes of 102 not out play. He has done tremendous efforts by giving unique idea to the viewers.

He has used less make over and more acting in the play. Likewise, movie is all about the story of the play. 102 not out play was not enough successful as there is not big cast included in the play. In addition to this, play and movie’s story are resembling.

There is an old man who wants to break the world record of being the oldest person. However, in the play he wishes to go to the post office. The post office which is situated at the highest point of the world. It is not possible for him to got there alone. Therefore, he wants to take his 75 years old son over there.

This movie and play is showing that 102 years old man is full of passion and spirit as it can be seen in any 25 years old person. On the other side, 75 years old son of his considers that he is going to be done with his life soon. He has become enough older so now he stopped enjoying his life.

In the both situations, Movie and play fathers are trying to revive the heart of their sons. Whether in play star cast is not of that height whereas in 102 not out full movie star cast is the bollywood’s best class.

Amitabh Bachan will be doing childish acts and will try to make his son laugh and find life at the age he is. He wants to make his son prove that it does not matter that how much old you are? Thing which matter the most is the way you take your life. He is showing his son that he is much older than him, even though he wants to make a world record but his life is full of fun and joy.

What is the cast of the Movie 102 not out 2018?

102 Not Out Full Movie Review Watch Online Download Stream

Amitabh Bachchan playing lead role as Father – Datatraya Vakharia –
Movie Character
Rishi Kapoor playing the role of son – Babulal Vakharia – Movie Character
Jimit Trivedi Playing supporting Role.

Where to Watch 102 Full Hindi Movie Online HD in Free?

102 Not Out Full Movie Review Watch Online Download Stream

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There are number of websites which are making people watch movies online but they are charging monthly or annually. People think that if they have to pay to watch movie online, they should go to cinemas to watch movie in full HD print.

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102 Not Out Full Movie Online Bollywood Full Movie Online Movierulz Download in HD